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How to Create A Holistic Dental Routine + Recipes

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How to create a holistic dental routine

Most of us know that commercial toothpaste and dental products are filled with a bunch of gross chemicals.  So I started researching on the best way to naturally care for my teeth. I found my regular dental routine wasn’t giving me the results I was looking for.   I also wanted to use more natural products. If this is your situation.  Here are some steps on how to create a holistic dental routine.

1. Find a quality toothbrush

The first step in creating a holistic dental routine is getting a quality toothbrush.  I used to use regular toothbrush but found it didn’t get my teeth as clean I would like.  Recently we made the switch to Oral-B Pro 1000.  This toothbrush is a good alternative if you can’t afford an Soni Care. However, a regular toothbrush will work for this routine as well.

2. Oil pulling

Oil pulling is great.  I will be the first to admit I don’t do it everyday, but I do it at least a few times a week.  I really feel it helps with the health of my gums if nothing else.  I suggest using unrefined coconut oil (this one is really good)  or sesame oil.  Just put the oil in your mouth and swish it around for about 10-20 minutes. Spit. Rinse with salt water.

4.  Tongue Scraper/Metal Spoon

Unless of course you have a tongue scraper then use that.  I just use a metal to scrape my tongue.

 5. Make your own toothpaste

I suggest making your own toothpaste.  I find that my tooth paste actually makes my mouth feel cleaner then store bought toothpaste.  I just make a paste of baking soda and coconut oil and go to town on my teeth!  If you want to be fancy you can add an essential oil like peppermint.

Download: Holistic Toothpaste Recipe

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6. Use liquid chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a natural breath freshener. After I brush, I take a about two tablespoons for this.  I prefer using the kind with mint.  You can also use it as a natural mouth rinse but I found it turns my teeth green.

7. Oral Irrigator

If you can’t afford an oral irrigator like WaterPik, I suggest using a oral syringe. I found some one amazon fairly cheap.  I use this and it works fine, I just have to squeeze a little harder to get water through my teeth.

8.  Healthy Gum Elixir

With healthy gum elixir’s you can add a bit of an essential oil blend to your  floss.  You can buy a pre made one or make your own.  Just make a blend of essential oil’s of your choice and there you have a healthy hum elixir.


Download : Healthy Gum Elixir Recipe

Let me know any tips or thoughts you have regarding a holistic dental routine.  Happy Brushing!

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