We Don’t Have A Permanent Home

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Every time I step foot into our newly rented dwellings I think to myself “don’t get used to it, it’s only temporary”. To me home is where my family is.  The physical location is never home.  Still apart of me yearns for that permanent home feeling.  A place that’s ours, and that we will grow forever and make memories.  However, I know that’s not a reality right now.  The reality is we find a place to live for 3-4 years then move.

It used to be hard to say good-bye, then overtime it becomes routine.  When a leasing agreement is up and we get new orders ; I now look at it as a new chapter beginning in our lives.  When I shut the door and turn the key in, my excitement for the new adventures awaiting us slowly grows.  I think of the people we’ll meet, the new activities we will discover, and the wonderful experiences that we will partake in.

Each destination has its beauty.  Utah had the mountains and the beautiful landscape.  Where will live now has a small town feel right next to a  big city.  With each city comes ups and downs. Sometimes I find myself missing our old duty station.  I find myself missing the routine and familiarity.

Home isn't a house. Home is wherever myfamily is. Home is love.

Overtime, I’ve actually grown accustom to change.  It used to be so hard for me to accept it. But being a military wife forced me to embrace it.  Now I look forward to change.  I look forward to the newness.

Let’s talk about the newness for a moment.  The newness becomes an addictive feeling.  The smell of a new place which is a mixture of wet paint and freshness.  I love that smell.  The newness of starting over, and no one knowing you.  You can build new relationships with no baggage from the past.  After awhile I start to crave the newness.  When we’ve been at a place too long I start to get bored.

The newness is the only thing I have.  Since having a permanent home isn’t in the plan for a while.  The newness keeps me motivated. It helps me cope when I start to want a permanent place to live.

What does home mean to you?  What are the things that make a home a home?  Tell me in the comments below.  

We Don't Have A

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