Ask Away Thursday – I Need Help Deciding Where to Work!

Ask Away Thursday - Where Should I Work-

We have another Ask Away Thursday! This weeks question is from a mama who needs help deciding where to work. She also a fellow military spouse.  Let’s help her out.

My husband is transitioning from his career in the military, but isn’t working yet. We need a supplemental income, so we’ve decided that I look for work while he pursues changing career paths. We have a 5yo in kindergarten, a 3 yo and an infant. I’ve been offered two jobs. One is full time at minimum wage at a child development center working in the infant room. I would be able to have my youngers attend the center at little cost. I would be finished working in time to pick up the kindergartner and be home in the evenings. Yet, the second job sounds so good for me. I would work 20 hours a week, but make more money overall. The catch is the second job is 4-8pm Monday-Friday because I would be developing an after-school program. So that would mean being gone every weeknight evening. I feel really torn between what to do. We need a second income but one job would be full-time and require me to pay for some child care while the second I would work only part-time hours and make more money. What should I do? Is it too much to be gone every evening? My husband is a good dad, but making dinner and doing baths and bedtime every night might be a lot.

Good morning!  It’s great that you have two job offers.  I completely understand your dilemma. I’ll be honest and say if it were me I would choose the second job.  Not only is it less hours but the pay is more.  The great thing is you will be able to spend the day with your 3yo and your infant.  However, I understand that you will be missing out on evening with your Kindergartner.  That’s the tough part.  Perhaps, during the weekends you can do special mommy daughter one-on-one time with her so she doesn’t feel neglected.

During the four hours you are gone, your husband can look after the kids, so you won’t have to pay for childcare.  The second job also sounds like a great opportunity that will lead to other great things.  Also, once your husband enters the work force it seems like you two would be able to coordinate your working hours better with the second job.

I wish you much luck on your decision!

Which job would you choose if you were this mother?

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