Why Staycations Are Good For Families


This day is unlike any other.  You wake up to a tropical sunrise, and you have an amazing view of a sandy beach.  You feel so invigorated because you no longer have to deal with cold freezing weather (at least for a few days).  Later that day you plan on going to the beach and sipping some fruity cocktail.  Your husband and kids are off doing a hotel activity or at least you think, but at that point you could care less, you are just focusing on inhaling the fresh breeze and taking a beach side nap.

Sorry to end this day dream so abruptly but if you are like me that won’t be your reality for awhile.  And hey that’s okay, don’t fret.  A staycation is the answer to at least SOME of your vacation dreams.



Families and Staycation

The Benefits of A Staycation

Staycations are cost effective

Staycations are much easier on the family budget than an actual vacation. This is one reason I love them.  It gives the family the “getting away”feeling without the money stress.

Less planning involved

I love a good vacation, but the amount of planning can get overwhelming.  Staycations are easy to plan and less stressful.  That makes for a perfect getaway.

Breaks up the monotony of life

Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I’m home a lot!  It can start to feel monotonous.  Staying in a new place for one or two nights refreshes me and makes me miss my home.

Explore New Things In A Familiar Areas

Staycations also give you an opportunity to explore new surrounding areas where you live.  I’ve discovered so many unique places during staycations, that I wouldn’t have explored otherwise.

Families Staycation

Ways To Make Your Staycation Unique and Memorable

Stay at a unique location

If possible try to stay at a bed and breakfast or a place booked through Airbnb.  I love either option because they speak my language CHEAP!  LOL.  When me and my friend visited L.A. in November we stayed at a cute location.  It was only $64 a night!  You can book whole houses through Airbnb or just a room or two. 

Treasure the Moments

Some of my best memories were formed during staycations.  It’s the small things that make staycations so special.  Take plenty of pictures of the simple moments like your kids jumping on the bed.  It doesn’t take a lot to make special memories.

Relax and connect

For the next day or two…relax.  Staycations are your time to refresh yourself and bond with the family.

Family staycation




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why staycations are good for families

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