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Why You Should Stay Away From Google If You Are Pregnant


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Last week I had my 31 week prenatal check up.  I anxiously awaited as me and my littles sat in the room waiting for my doctor’s arrival. I had a hard time getting Bumble Bee and Honey Bee to sit down.  I’ve mentioned before how I hate going to the doctors with my kids.  But that’s besides the point.  I started to bribe them with treats, if they would just sit down and were good for mommy.  As I bribed them the the nurse walks in.  She does the usual, and checks my blood pressure, Fuzzy Bee’s heart beat, and measures my stomach.  We make small talk when she cuts me off and says “at your last appointment were you measuring big”?  I sat up clumsily, because you know…I have this big belly and all.  “I don’t know, they didn’t tell me”, I responded confused.  “Why is everything okay”? She shakes her head yes, and says “you are measuring 4 weeks ahead, but I suck at measuring so the doctor will probably do it again”.  Then she walks out.

Stay Away From Google If You Are Pregnant

If you haven’t read here before, I’ve  struggled with anxiety in the past.  Lately, I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on it, but there are times when I become very anxious.  This incident was no different, I instantly became anxious.  So of course in my anxious state it felt like the doctor was taking forever.  Once she arrived and we talked she was about to walk out with no mention of me measuring ahead.  Before she left I blurted out “the nurse said I was measuring big”.  “Ah yes,  when you schedule your next appointment make sure you tell them to also put you down for an ultra sound,  I just want to make sure you aren’t carrying a huge baby”.

Okay great, now I had to wait until my next appointment to know what’s going on, I thought.  Then my next not so smart move was to consult with Dr. Google in my anxious state.  Yea bad move. I grabbed Honey Bee and Bumble Bee and rushed out so  I could get to my car and Google my little anxious heart out.  Basically by the time I was done reading what all the possibilities were as to why I was measuring big I was sitting in my car bug eyed and rocking side to side (okay this part in an exaggeration).  But that’s how my mind felt.  Then I started thinking the worse…Google always brings out the worse in me during my pregnancies.  Yet, I keep going back for more torture every time I have a weird symptom.

With Honey Bee (my first child).  I was a hot anxious mess.  Since she was my first I had no clue what pregnancy was supposed to be like.  There were so many times that I had to bring myself back from the edge of insanity worrying about every twinge and ache, because of Dr. Google.  With Bumble Bee I did a little better, but I still had a few Google melt downs.  Then with this pregnancy I was doing great.  But then this incident had to happen.  My ultra sound isn’t until next week so it’s going to be a long wait.

Anxiety Has No Rhyme Or Reason

The thing is I’m sure everything is fine.  I’ve always carried big.  The predicted Honey Bee to weigh 10 lbs!  She only came out weighing 8 lbs 12 ounces (at 40 weeks when she was born), and Bumble Bee was measuring ahead as well he was  8 lbs 8 ounces when he was born at 38 weeks. I make big babies. So what’s makes this pregnancy any different?  The answer is nothing.  But that’s how anxiety works, it gets you to focus on nonsensical things and blow them out of proportion for NO REASON AT ALL! I’m chalking it up to hormones at this point, but I still need to watch for things that trigger my anxiety and Google happens to be one of them.

Anyways, this was a short rant on why pregnant women should stay away from Google.  Do yourself a favor and just stay away.  LOL.


17 thoughts on “Why You Should Stay Away From Google If You Are Pregnant

  1. I had one that was measuring small after ALWAYS measuring big. She was in the transverse position and as soon as she flipped the right way, I measured big. Added bonus, I didn’tfeel like she was going to push a foot right through the side of my belly anymore!

  2. I agree! As a nurse for my second pregnancy I was a lot more calmer and secure than my first. Google is not a good place for searching any kinds of signs and symptoms!

  3. Hahaha oh Google! Your so right, it is NOT what we should be looking at in n anxious state of mine! 🙂
    What I have always read is that ultrasounds are really not accurate at all for weight or disabilities, and that it is better to not look too into what the doctor “may be” seeing in them!
    For my first pregnancy I didn’t even do one ultrasound 🙂 lol I know sounds crazy, but I knew if I was healthy and felt good, there would be no need!
    Now I’m all anxious to hear what the doctor tells you next week too!

  4. Yes, you can drive yourself crazy googling all kinds of symptoms and end up a paranoid mess. I did that a few times and had to stop because it was definitely not helping! Even things that real life doctors say to you can induce anxiety when, in fact, everything is just fine.

  5. Google is the worst! I hope you manage to stay calm this week! I love all the modern technologies, but there is still a huge room for error. When I was pregnant with my son he was measuring far ahead, and the ultrasound tech thought he would be close to ten pounds. It made me terrified to go into labor, but he came out less than 8 pounds. All will be well, momma!

  6. I could not agree with you more. When my kids get sick or someone in the family gets a rash and if I google it I start thinking the worst outcome ever. It is best to stay away from google. I am actually pretty good at trusting God and I love not guessing what it could be because really that’s what we do when research what is going on with us on google. My sister is a nurse and it is worse knowing of possible reasons because she always thinks its something bad that is happening to her or her children and takes far more emergency trips than we do. Sometimes not knowing is better. Trusting God is the best. We can stop asking what if????

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