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Baby Food 101 : Simple Baby Food Blends That Your Baby Will Love

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Hello, Gang!  I’m back with a quick post.  I finally gave birth to my little angel on September 8th.  I’m so excited to share my birth story and all of its funny details.  I will also share on if I was able to get my VBAC or not, so please check back sometime next week for the full run-down!

However, today I’m here to talk about baby food.  I’m one of those parents that get so excited when it’s time to introduce solids to my baby.  It’s so fun letting them try different flavors and textures.  I feel one of the most difficult parts of introducing solids is figuring out how to do.  Below is a couple of different ways to introduce solids to your baby.

How To Introduce Solids To Baby

Is your baby sitting up by themselves?  Are they curious about the foods you are eating?  If you answered yes to these questions then it may be time to introduce solids to your baby. This is something that you can discuss with your doctor.  I’m no physician just a mommy of three.  If your doctor gives you and your baby the green light here are few ways to introduce solids to your baby.

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Baby Led Weaning

Baby led weaning is all about skipping the baby purees and letting baby try table foods.  I took this approach with my son Bumble Bee and it seemed to work out perfectly!  You can read more about baby led weaning here.


If baby led weaning isn’t your speed you can start off with baby food purees.  You can make them yourself or buy them pre made.  It’s best to start with one ingredient blends then progress to two or more blends.  This is to ensure certain foods won’t upset your baby’s tummy. Check out Diapers.Com for a big selection of baby food.

baby food

For more detailed information about baby food The Diva Dish, has a great post!

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  1. Congrats on your bundle of joy. I loved the picture with 1st foods, 2nd foods, 3rd foods. I wish I had this chart when my kiddos were younger. This would have been so helpful. Will share this with my dear friend who has a little one. 🙂

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