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50 Easy Self Care Ideas Every Mom Can Do


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  • Sip a warm cup tea
  • Take 10 – 15 increments throughout the day to read a book.
  • Listen to encouraging, fun, or upbeat music
  • Take a quiet drive to nowhere
  • Listen to podcast
  • Treat yourself to your favorite snack
  • Give yourself a manicure
  • Try a new hair style
  • Wear makeup just because
  • Workout in your living room
  • Make your own essential oil shower steam disk (DIY coming soon)
  • After a long day put a warm rag on your forehead soaked in a calming essential oil blend
  • Meditate for 2-3 minutes on your goals, positive thoughts and loving yourself
  • Create and design a bullet journal
  • Soak in a warm bath
  • Give yourself soothing foot massage
  • Dry brush before getting in the bath or shower
  • Snuggle in a cozy blanket and watch your favorite TV show
  • Play your favorite song and turn the sound up
  • Take supplements that help support your well-being
  • Engage in a meaningful conversation with a close friend or relative
  • Do yoga
  • Watch funny Youtube videos
  • Surround yourself with beautiful art
  • Learn a second language
  • Start a blog
  • Write in a journalProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
  • Make yourself a “fancy dinner”
  • Learn how to say ‘no’
  • Stretch out your muscles for 10 minutes each day
  • Try a new exotic fruit
  • Smile at yourself in the mirror at least 3 times a day
  • Get an adult coloring book (free printables here)
  • Organize your closet
  • Create a space in your house that is just for you
  • Wear your favorite scent every day
  • Join a mommy exercise group (create one)
  • Join online forums to help encourage other moms and womenself care routine
  • Give yourself a compliment each day
  • Wear an outfit that you wouldn’t usually wear
  • Eat some dark chocolate
  • Relax and don’t do anything for a day (let the kids watch cartoons and order pizza so you don’t have to cook)
  • Buy your favorite discount books from Amazon
  • Read positive and encouraging blogs
  • Think about funny stories and laugh to yourself
  • Dance while cleaning the house
  • Learn a new fact every day
  • Try acupressure on yourself
  • Paint on a canvas
  • Buy yourself fresh flowers


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