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Breast Pumping: Everything You Need To Be A Success


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My breastfeeding journey actually started with a breast pump.  My first baby had lost more than 10% of her body weight because my milk took so long to come in.  It was a scary time because I thought that my dreams of breastfeeding were slowly fading away.  That was until I asked the hospital to get me a breast pump.  I sat in my hospital bed still sore and groggy after my c-section pumping as much as I could. After about 30 minutes I managed to get 2 ounces of milk!  The heavens opened and my hopes were renewed that I would be able to breastfeed my newborn.

This time around I had to pump because my newborn was not getting enough milk when she latched. She was very fussy after I would try to feed her and I discovered that her tummy was not getting full.  I say all of that to say this; I’ve learned a thing or two in my breast pumping journey and I would like to share with you everything you need to be a success at breast pumping.


Breast Pumping Success: Everything You Need


Get A Breast Pump

When I ordered my breast pump through The Breastfeeding Shop, during my last trimester of pregnancy it was a very simple process. Choosing a breast pump was very easy as well.  The Breast Feeding Shop has a nifty chart comparison of all of the breast pumps they carry.  Once I made my decision I asked my doctor to write me a prescription for my breast pump.  I filled out the order form through The Breast Feeding Shops site and uploaded my prescription and that was it!  I received my breast pump a few weeks later! I not only got a breast pump but all of the accessories.


I cannot say enough good things about The Breastfeeding Shop.  The customer service was great!  And the process of ordering was so easy.  The best part is that The Breastfeeding Shop is preferred by Tricare!  Yay!

Tip 1:  Check with your insurance company to see if they will cover your breast pump (most insurance companies should).

Here is how it easy it was to order:

  1.  Go to
    The breastfeeding shop
  2. Select Order forms

The Breastfeeding Shop

3. Put in your information

the breastfeeding shop

4. Upload A Picture of Your Prescription…and you are done!  That easy.

the breastfeeding shop


Breast Pumping Essentials

the breastfeeding shop

1. Nipple Butter / 2. Sharpie / 3. Nursing Scarf / 4. Storage Bags / 5. Glass Water Bottle / 6. Lactation Bars / 7. Reusable Nursing Pads / 8. Hands Free Nursing Bra / 9. Breast Pump

Keep Your Supply Up

One key element to being successful at breast pumping is keeping your supply up.  There are different ways to do that:

  1. Drink enough water
  2. Drink lactation smoothies
  3. Drink lactation tea
  4. Eat Lactation Bars
  5. Make sure you are eating a nutrient dense and well-balanced diet
  6. Continue to Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

If you want more information on breastfeeding goes to the Breastfeeding category to the left side of my blog on the front page.  

Positive Support

Having the right frame of mind contributes to being successful at breast pumping.  When you are discouraged with breast pumping to surround yourself with people who can offer advice and emotional support.  It is best to keep in contact with a lactation consultant, as well as using breastfeeding websites for informational resources.

Tip 2: Also, if you are working mother make sure that you are aware of the laws regarding pumping. This will ensure that your employer supports you as well when pumping, and decreases the chances of discrimination.   


I hope that you find the guide helpful and don’t forget to follow The Breastfeeding Shop on social media:






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15 thoughts on “Breast Pumping: Everything You Need To Be A Success

  1. Great suggestions! I’m a mom of 3 and a labor and delivery nurse. I struggled with supply issues with my last baby – tried every herbal remedy out there and eventually had to go with a prescription med (domperidone) to boost my supply. So happy breastfeeding is working out for you! I’m definitely pro-breastfeeding, but also believe that as long as baby is getting fed, that’s what’s counts. (No mom-shaming here!) I wrote a roundup of my favorite breatfeeding gear on my blog when I was nursing my last:

  2. You have some great suggestions. Breast milk pumping sure has improved since I had my daughter. The Breast Feeding Shop looks like a great place to get everything you need.

  3. Trying to get a breast pump now from insurance (baby is now over 7 weeks old) and it is taking FOREVER! But good tips! Thankfully I haven’t had problems with my supply. Also, oatmeal is good for milk supply…..even in cookies! 🙂

  4. I love this! I had to pump with the twins, and these are definitely some great essentials you have listed. That hands-free bra looks amazing. The site also looks like such an awesome resource.

  5. I would like to add one more little tip to the keeping your milk supply up list. Keep Gatorade on hand. It’s not so much for milk supply as it is just general health. When my daughter’s demand was highest, I had to eat food regularly to stop from getting lightheaded and migraines. Even so, I still struggled on some days. So I learned that drinking gatorade at the start of a spell would help me stay on my feet.

    Oh, and keep a light scarf in the car. I often had to pump while driving, but there were still some times when it was unplanned. I would drape the scarf around myself like a shawl to stay covered.

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