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How To Create A Self-Regulation Corner for Kids (Feel Better Corner)



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I don’t consider myself a parenting blogger. I think there is almost too much parenting advice circulating the web now, and it is very overwhelming. Each week there is a new article or blog post telling us what we should or shouldn’t be doing with our kids.  I truly believe that every parent knows their child and knows how to parent them.  However, that doesn’t mean that we all don’t need little tips to help us along the way.

Recently, I discovered a new method for helping my children understand and deal with their emotions. I can’t take credit for this idea, I got the inspiration from this video. But I thought I would share with you all my version of a self-regulation chart/corner for my kids.

Honey Bee…my sweet girl is full of emotions. Since the day that she was born she has always been so expressive and sometimes her emotions start to burst out of her and she has no clue what to do with them! At times it is a struggle getting her to understand and articulate what she is going through.

I just took a rug that we already owned and a bed rest pillow, and bam!  We had a self-regulation corner.

One thing that I’m discovering about her is that she thrives off of the visual list. For example, we struggled with chores but once I introduced our chore chart, chores have no longer been a struggle. So when I showed her how to use our self-regulation corner (feel better corner) she loved it! She actually thanked me for creating it for her and Bumble Bee. Now, when she has feelings she needs to express she goes to our self-regulation corner (feel better corner) and it helps her get her feelings out and express them.

I wasn’t really sure if Bumble Bee (my 2-year-old) would be able to use it, but he actually likes using it too. When he is upset he brings me the chart and shows me which face describes how he feels. Then he sits in the corner and plays with our calm down bottle (which is just an old pop bottle, water dyed with food coloring, and glitter). Once he is done with that he brings that chart back over and points to which face describes he new mood.

Here is how we use our self-regulation chart and corner


  1.  When my child has a feeling they need to express, I usually suggest going to the “feel better corner”.  This is not a form of punishment, it is used as space for them to express themselves.  Since this is not viewed as a punishment my kids go without a fight.
  2. I ask them to point to which emotion they are feeling on our emotion chart (eta: before we started using our corner I went over the emotion flash cards with them to teach them what each emotion was).  Then once they identify what they feel, they turn the sheet over and tell me which activity they would like to do to feel better.  On the other side of our emotion sheet, I have a list of activities they can choose from which include (puzzle, coloring, reading a book, drawing a picture of how they feel, and calm down bottle) the bucket filled with these things is located on the right side of our feel better corner. I also have Paw Patrol figurines in there to help them “act out” how they feel.  And I also have series of “When I Feel” books that I can read to them upon request.
  3. Once they make their choice they go over to the corner to do their chosen activity.  After they are done I have them identify which feeling they are feeling.  They normally point to calm or happy.

self regulation corner for kids

Emotions Chart


self regulation corner for kids

self regulation corner for kids


Emotions Flash Cards

self regulation corner for kids

Calm Down Bottle (just water, food coloring, and sparkles)

self regulation corner for kids

The Way I Feel book series.  I found these at the thrift store.

Get Your

I hope this bit helpful is helpful to you 🙂

self regulation corner for kids

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  1. I agree that there are too many people out there who claim they are experts. It’s frustrating and gives me anxiety. New parents don’t need that. I love that you’re not preachy. I love that you’re just showing something you do that works. I also love this idea, thank you so much for sharing.

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