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Detoxing Your Armpits

ODetoxing Your Armpits

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In the past I’ve tried a few natural deodorants with high hopes, because they claimed to eliminate funk and keep me fresh.  I wore them and was sadly disappointed when it I would start to smell.  But then I started thinking that there has to be a way to get these natural deodorants to work better.  So after experimenting I think I found a solution!

How To Make Any Natural Deodorant Work Better

Detoxing Your Armpits

I was browsing Pinterest one day and came across this post, and a light bulb went off in my head!  The issue wasn’t the deodorant, it was me! Hahahaha!     But before I get to what I did, let’s discuss why conventional deodorants are an issue, especially for women.

  1. They contain toxic ingredients like aluminum.  “Aluminum compounds within deodorants act as a plug within the sweat ducts and temporarily stop the flow of sweat. However, these compounds can be absorbed by your skin. Just as the parabens, these compounds can mimic estrogen, which promotes growth of breast cancer cells.” Source  
  2. They disrupt your hormones
  3. They block sweat glands, which help rid your body of toxins.

You can read more about other harmful ingredients in deodorant here.

Work From The Inside Out

Detoxing Your Armpits

I wanted to attack “the problem” from the inside out.  So I started taking Spirulina (which contains Chlorophyll, and it neutralizes body odor).  Read more here.

When I have the time I also drink a green smoothie made with plenty of green veggies like spinach and kale. Improving gut health helps so, I started taking a probiotic.

I’m addicted to these green smoothies! #greensmoothie #greenjuice #smoothies

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I started by detoxing my armpits at night time only. After my shower I didn’t put on any deodorant.  After that I would go into morning and part of the day without putting on deodorant.  Then I combined baking soda and apple cider vinegar to create a paste.  I placed the paste on a cloth and let it sit under my arms for about 15-20 minutes.  That killed any odor.  I also exfoliated my arm pits with these cool gloves, to help rid my armpits of any build up.

I rinsed of my armpits in the shower and put on my natural deodorant of choice.

You can do this arm pit detox a few times a week. However, if the baking soda is irritating your under arms use clay like this blog post recommends.

Try this and let me know how it works!

Detoxing Your Armpits

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