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The Best Non-Toxic Menstrual Products

Best Non-Toxic Menstrual Products

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Best Non-Toxic Menstrual Products

After I had my daughter, I was on a mission to take my feminine health seriously.  A few months after my c-section my doctor was quick to put me on hormonal birth control.  I took them knowing that they weren’t the best for my body.  As a result, I started having periods that lasted 3 weeks out of the month.  I suffered from horrible migraines and severe depression. At this point, I didn’t know what the best non-toxic menstrual products were.

After that, I vowed to take control of my feminine health.  One of the ways I did that was by using non-toxic menstrual products.

Here is my list of the best non-toxic menstrual products.

Why Conventional Menstrual Products Are Harmful


I didn’t know conventional menstrual products were so harmful to our bodies.  A non-profit group called the Women’s Voices for The Earth reported that the chemicals in feminine disrupt our endocrine system.  This is very dangerous for us women because the vaginal canal “rapidly absorbs” those toxic chemicals.


Toxic Shock Syndrome is also another potential threat when using tampons.  Conventional tampons are made with synthetic material which creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in.  You can read more about toxic levels in menstrual products here.   The FDA recommends that pads and tampons be made without “be free of 2,3,7,8- tetrachloro dibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD)/2,3,7,8-tetrachlorofuran dioxin (TCDF) and any pesticide and herbicide residues”.   Howeverthat doesn’t mean that companies are following this recommendation.   But Did you see that?  PESTICIDES AND HERBICIDE RESIDUES!  Not only are some of these products harmful to the environment they also can cause fertility issues.


Knowing all of this was a wake-up call for me.  I researched non-toxic alternatives to these menstrual products and surprisingly found that there are a lot of options.  I was a little shocked when I first discovered the safer alternatives for menstrual care, but after the initial shock wore off, I was excited to try some of them.  These products are easy to find and use, which is why I consider of the best non-toxic menstrual products.


Connect To Your Body


However, before we get into the different option for non-toxic menstrual care, let’s talk a little about the psychological aspect. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t know much about my body beyond what health class taught me.  I knew about pads and tampons, and about getting a period monthly.  That is all I knew.  I was taught to be disconnected from my body and that a period was gross and something that I should dread.


Then when I became an adult I started to notice certain things on how my body functioned.  I started to notice that I would get cranky the closer it got to my period coming.    This book changed the way I viewed my body.  It taught me that my body is amazing and that there should be no shame in how it functions.  Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a must read for all women get a copy here. 


And the reason I mention these points are that you will need to change your way of thinking in order to use some of these non-toxic menstrual products.  Once you do that, then periods can actually be fun! (okay maybe not fun, but a little less of a headache).

The Best Non-Toxic Menstrual Products

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  1. Cloth Pad (aka Mama Cloth)


I first discovered mama cloth when researching safer menstrual care alternatives.  Oh, how I was delighted!  Because these pretty cloth pads come in so many patterns and textures.  My favorite cloth pads are ones made out of bamboo or Minky.  I find that these two materials are easy to clean and feel the best on my body.  The downside is that others have complained that they may not be the best during warmer seasons.


Besides that, I find Mama Cloth easy to use.  It is just like a conventional pad, but it is reusable.  You can care for your mama cloth in a variety of ways.  Some soak them in a wet bucket.  While others snap them up and toss them in a bucket under the sink and wash them like regular clothing. You may want to use a special detergent such as this one.

The initial investment can be a bit much, but just think about how much money you will save in the long run. I personally find mama cloth the best non-toxic menstrual product for women new to this.

the best non-toxic menstrual products



2. Menstrual Cup


I recently received a Pixie Cup to try.  It is one of the more affordable menstrual cups, especially for the amazing quality.  I’ve also read that it is easy to use compared to other brands, and feels very comfortable after placement.  I also was drawn to the Pixie Cup because the stem makes it easy to remove.  It has a flat stem which is easy to grip.  This makes it less messy when it time to take the cup out.  Kelli of Its Just Kelli has an awesome playlist and thorough reviews on the best non-toxic menstrual products.


Menstrual cups are folded and placed in the vagina where they unfold, catch the menstrual flow.  There are usually two size options (pre-birth and after birth).   Once they are full they can be emptied and rinsed and replaced.  Pixie Cup has its own wipes to clean the cup.

the best non-toxic menstrual products


3. Sea Sponge


Sea Sponges are real and from the sea.  Like tampons, Sea Sponges are made to be worn inside the body and changed when needed.  I recommend buying them from a reputable company such as Jade & Pearl.  Their Sea Pearls are inspected, washed and trimmed.  I haven’t tried these personally, but I will in the future and report back to you ladies.  Don’t let the fact that this is a natural product deter you from trying it. Sea Sponges are great alternative for non-toxic menstrual products.


the best non-toxic menstrual products 4. Reusable Tampons


So I didn’t even know these existed.   If you are a tampon girl, then these might be for you.  Also, the best part about reusable tampons is that you can make them for yourself without a sewing machine for little cost. I found a cool tutorial on Youtube that tells you how to make them yourself.  I plan on doing a tutorial soon, so look out for that.


You Will Need:
Organic Unbleached Fleece Cotton 


5. Non-Toxic Pads and Tampons


If any of these options are a little too much for you.  Consider switching to non-toxic pads and tampons.  There are a variety of excellent brands that make these.  I found some from

Kali Brands (I’m doing a giveaway soon for these)

Seventh Generation


Genial Day


the best non-toxic menstrual products

I hope this guide about the best non-toxic menstrual care options has been helpful!  I encourage you to try one of the best non-toxic menstrualProducts options, because, in the long run, it will have a great impact on your health.

the best non-toxic menstrual products

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