Ways To Help Your Child Deal With a PCS Move

Ways To Help Your Child Deal With a PCS Move

Ways To Help Your Child Deal With a PCS

Child Deal With a PCS

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The time to PCS is coming again.  However, this time is different.  I have three children (two in particular) who it might affect a little more.   Since Honey Bee is 5 years-old I’m sure this PCS will be a little different than the last time.  She has made friends and developed strong bonds with them.  She is used to our home and social routine, so moving MAYBE a big adjustment for her. It may affect Bumble Bee too because he was born here, and doesn’t know anything else.  Unfortunately, I feel ill prepared because I never really gave much thought on how it will affect my children.  I really wish that I would have given more thought in helping them deal with a PSC.


I consulted with a few military spouse friends on how they help their children deal with a PCS, and they gave some great ideas! Also, Servant Mama has a great list of ways to help prepare for a PCS (plus a cool PCS checklist).   Essentially, I’m really writing this post for myself, but I know there are some families out there that may need a little guidance in this department as well.  Here are some ways to help your child deal with a PCS.


Ways To Help Your Child Deal With a PCS

Child Deal With a PCS
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Take Advantage of Resources

There are a ton of resources available on ways to help your child to deal with a PCS.  One resource that I believe that military families should take advantage of is Military OneSource.  They always have staff on call to help you with any questions you may have regarding education, mental health, career, and PCSing questions.


Military Kids Connect is an interactive website for kids that has games and other resources to help your child deal with a PCS.  There is also Just Moved Ministries, that is for mothers, but I’m sure by joining, a family can connect with other families thus, helping their child with the move.


One friend suggested Sesame Street Military Families, and I checked it out and this would be perfect for younger children.


Books On PCSing

Books are an excellent source of information, and it gives a visual for children to understand what changes are occurring in their life.   We use books to helps us explain everything in our household, including PCSing.  I’m just so grateful for books like this to help children deal with a PCS.





Throw A Moving Party

One friend said that they throw a summer bash (change theme depending on the time of year you are PCSing).  I thought that this was a great idea!  This gives children a chance to hang out with their friends and develop good memories for when they move.  To take it a step further you and your child can create a scrapbook of the event, and keep it as a keepsake for your child.


Make PCSing an Adventure


Even though I feel like I didn’t do a good job a preparing my kids for a PCS, I did do one thing right.  I made it be known early on that would be moving, and that this is a part of our life.  Doing this helped build up excitement for my kids, and they can’t wait to see what adventures our next duty station holds.  I also told them about what activities I was going to sign them up for, and this made them even more excited!


I also, let them know how unique they are.  Sure, they don’t get to live around family, but they get to experience different parts of the country/world at a young age.


Get Support For School

A  big part of a PCS move is helping children prepare for school.  If you need help with educational resources for your PCS move, School Liaison Officers can help.  They recognize the unique challenge military children/families face and are there to help.  Military By Owner, also has a page of resources especially for military children going through a PCS move.


Child Deal With a PCS

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