Pixie Cup Review: My Honest Experience

Pixie Cup Review

pixie cup

I was given this product to try, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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I’m not new to the world of non-toxic menstrual products,  but I was new to the world of menstrual cups and wanted to try one.  Amber the owner of Pixie Cup kindly responded and sent me two cups to try.

I wanted to try the Pixie Cup because I wanted to switch over to a product that was cost effective (Pixie Cup is a very affordable menstrual cup).  I also wanted to find a non-toxic product that was reliable. The Pixie Cup fit the bill. What I admire most about Pixie Cup is that with every purchase Pixie Cup donates a cup to women in need.  You can check out their Give A Cup program on their website.

Pixie Cup Review: My Honest Experience

Before using the Pixie Cup I made sure to read over the instructions (which were easy to follow).  The pack came with two cups, and two pretty pink carrying bags. What I love most about this cup is the stem.  The stem is long and flat which I knew would make the removal process easier.  It also doesn’t hurt that it was ranked #1 as the most comfortable menstrual cup.

There are two sizes that come with the Combo Pack and most women can wear both Pixie Cup size. Choose a size primarily based on flow amount, cervix height, and general physique.

SMALL: Pixie Small is perfect for first-time cup users, women with a low cervix, teenagers, and women with a light to normal flow.

LARGE: Pixie Large is ideal for women over 30, those who have given birth vaginally, have a higher cervix height, or women with a heavier flow.


Using The Cup

Before I used my Pixie Cup I made sure to sanitize it. I washed it with soap and hot water then used the Pixie Cup wipes.

pixie cup

pixie cup

In order to insert the cup, there are two types of folds that you can do. I used the Large cup, and I found fold-2 to be the easiest way to insert the Pixie Cup. Sitting on the toilet made it easier to place.  Once the cup was pushed up and felt around the bottom to make sure it had popped into place.  When I stood up, I thought I would feel the cup and you guys I DIDN’T FEEL A THING!  It was surprisingly comfortable!

Unlike pads or tampons, you can wear menstrual cups up to 12 hours.  After about 2 hours I went back to check my cup.

Taking The Cup Out

I  was really nervous about the removal process.  I was afraid I would make a big mess, or that it would get stuck.

Before taking the cup out I made sure to pinch the bottom of the cup to break the suction.  Once I did that I grabbed the stem and gently wiggled it out.  I felt a pulling sensation when removing it, but it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable.

Again, I was surprised by the lack of mess when I took the menstrual cup out.  I emptied it and washed it and reinserted it.  I did use non-toxic menstrual pads as back-up for my cup.

Overall Experience

I didn’t have ANY CRAMPS, and it made my period manageable.  The Pixie Cup has made me a believer!  I was very skeptical of menstrual cups when I first heard of them, but now I’m a menstrual cup enthusiast.

I am excited about this product because it was so easy to use.  Once I inserted it I didn’t have to worry anymore.  If you are new to menstrual cups, I highly suggest trying the Pixie Cup.


pixie cup

8 thoughts on “Pixie Cup Review: My Honest Experience

  1. Glad to read your review on this, I have been thinking about trying it but have some fears about the process and mess. You made it sound really easy. I haven’t got my period back after baby #4, but considering checking it out when it returns.

    1. Aww thank you so much Bree for your thoughtful comment. I just got my period back after 8 months postpartum. The Pixie Cup made it an easy transition. Give it a try and come back and let me know how you like it.

  2. Great review. I really had no idea how they worked, and thought they would be a mess too. It’s so nice to hear how comfortable they are, and that it was so easy. I definitely would like to try one now.

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