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I talk a lot about breastfeeding on this blog.  It is only natural since I’ve nursed three children all for a year or longer.  I’ve had my share of difficulties with breastfeeding (like most breastfeeding moms do). However, there are also moments that were funny during my breastfeeding journey.  So in honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I asked some of my mom friends to share their hilarious breastfeeding stories.  I hope these make you laugh like they made me laugh.


Once upon a time, I had a baby. This was my second baby, so I knew the ins and outs of breast pads and the need to have them on at all times in the beginning days. Well, long story short, I felt a letdown while conversing with a male relative and thought nothing of it, as I had just changed my breast pads (and recently fed my baby).
After adjourning to the room, I came to realize that my entire right-hand side was soaked. I hadn’t noticed any wetness upon excusing myself to the room, but I cannot be sure to this day whether this relative noticed. And they aren’t someone to speak about embarrassing moments like that. -Amanda from Mummy Confessions

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I was nursing my baby the other day with my toddler running around the room, bouncing off the walls. I told him that we could go out to walk the dog after mommy finishes nursing but of course, before I could finish the sentence my toddler is already out the door. So I quickly unlatched the baby and chased after him, with our dog happily running after us. It wasn’t until we are halfway down the street that I realized one of my boobs felt… unsupported. I looked down and not only was my shirt unbuttoned, revealing my bra for the world to see, I also didn’t clip back one side of my nursing bra. No wonder my boob felt like it was just flopping around in the wind! Good thing I didn’t pass anyone before I realized this and fixed myself. Oops!  -Betty From The Terrific Five


I have a 1.5year old. He is learning about animals and sounds and things like that. So one night, when i was feeding him to sleep, he bit me. I kinda yelped because i thought we were done with this phase! N i told him “A, no biting momma! It hurts!”. I guess i might have been a tad loud cuz my cheeky monkey started roaring like the lion in his book! Rooaaar. Roaar! -Dilraz From Mommy Dill

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I had to take my Subaru into the dealership for a regular oil change/checkup with my then 4 months old first born. Of course, they said it would take 1+ hour to do everything. My son was the type that got.over stimulated and fussy and constantly wanted to nurse for comfort. So I’m sitting in the waiting room packed with middle aged business men waiting for their vehicles. My son was so fussy so I had to keep breastfeeding him with trying to keep my cover on. But he kept throwing the cover around and unlatching and getting really fussy. So I ended up just trying to help him and pat his back for awhile. I finally looked up to see who was watching and NO one wanted to make eye contact with me. I then 10 minutes later realized my boob was totally exposed out of the breast cover for all to see. I was so embarrassed with being a new mom. But laugh all the time now about how awkward those men probably felt 😂 Round 2 baby I could care less 😉 –Bree From Family As We Go


We had a photographer at the house to take pictures of our one week old. It was hectic trying to get family pictures including our 2 year old as well! Baby started fussing towards the end and I thought I’d feed her really quick to settle her down…I popped her on and off the boob several times trying to move things along quickly as possible. It wasn’t until it was much, much too late that I realized I had my nursing cover slung over the wrong shoulder so every time I tried to settle baby back into the photographers position, my boob was just hanging out in the open. -Rachel From Don’t Call Me Supermom


When I had my first daughter. My family was visiting us at the hospital. And my mom had one of those disposable cameras ( which she didn’t know how to work). So while she fiddled with the camera I started feeding my newborn. I didn’t think anything of it.

Fast forward a few weeks later and she gives me a copy of the photos she took when I was in the hospital. I decide to look at them with my in-laws who were visiting. I take them back to my house and we all start going through the photos and then my father in law goes to the next photo and it’s a picture of my giant engorged boob with my baby latched on!😮. I was so embarrassed! Him and my mother in law just got quiet and flipped to the next picture!  – Me From Healing Mama 

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