Minimalist Toys That Spark The Imagination

Minimalist Toys

Minimalist Toys

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In an effort to cut down on the clutter and stress in my life I have been releasing myself of unnecessary things.  This includes clothes, junk, and toys.  I found that my kids weren’t playing with 90% of the toys that they had.  Yet, they would constantly pull them out and leave them scattered about the house.  That is when I made a conscious effort to only buy toys the met three criteria 1.) Needs to fit all age ranges (hey, I have three kids) 2.) Aids in development 3.) Sparks their imagination (like STEM learning).  I did allow my kids 1-2 toys that weren’t in this category.

Since going by the minimalist toy model, my life is a lot easier.  I don’t find myself nagging them about cleaning up. And everything fits in one tiny box!

Why We No Longer Buy Toys

Last year I had a blog where I wrote about giving your child a rich life on a budget.  I feel like a child doesn’t need a lot of toys or gadgets to have a fulfilled childhood.  I was one of those children who had tons of toys so I would know!  However, all of the best memories of my childhood were the moments I spent with my parents.  So when I had Honey Bee I made a vow to give my children experiences and not material things.

Honey Bee only had 2-3 toys her first 3 years of life.  I purchased a few toys second hand and she had a few toys that were gifted to her.  But she had no interest in them.  Over time we started accumulating more toys and things started to get out of control.  And after I had my son, I must admit I got a little caught up in wanting to buy toys.

After seeing that they didn’t really play with their toys for long, I started slowly getting rid of them.

Minimalist Toys

Minimalist Toys


How To Determine Which Toys Are Best

In order to see if a toy is worthy of purchase, I first observe my child and their interest.  Bumble Bee (my son) loves building things and taking them apart.  Therefore, I make sure to buy him toys that fit his interest.

My daughter Honey Bee loves art, so I buy her items that help nurture this interest.  I also make sure they are good quality toys so that they will last through each child.

The Parenting Junky gives an amazing list of great minimalist toys if you need any ideas.

How Many Toys?

I let each child have 2-3 personal toys then they share 2-3 toys.  That keeps down on fuss and clutter, yet each child has a toy that is special for them. Check out Nourishing Minimalism to see how many minimalist toys are ideal.

Tree Blocks

Card Board House

Magna Tiles

Creative Drawing Book


Honorable Mention


Lego Duplo 




The Importance of Books

We are big on books in our home. What I love about books is that you can find them cheap at second-hand shops.  Most of our books are used and in good condition.  Reading to your children can set the foundation for a very bright future.  I won’t go into all of the benefits of reading to your child, but it is very important to do.



What About Experiences?

This is my favorite part.  I love giving my children different experiences.  The best part is experiences can be given as birthday gifts, free, fun, simple, and memorable.  I choose their experiences depending on the time of year, our budget, and their interest at the time.

One experience that recently learned about is Snapology.  Snapology is the premier partner for STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, math, and arts). They offer a variety of programs, for all age ranges.  Snapology is right up my alley because not only is it fun, it also nurtures children in their development.   They have a franchise in Chicago and other locations so make sure to check out their site to see if there is one near you.


What Snapology Offers

Snapology offers a variety of programs 

Birthday Parties
Summer Camps
Custom Events
Creative Play
Field Trips
School Assemblies
Anti-Bullying Programs
PTA Support
Leadership Programs
Scouting Events
Enrichment Classes
Corporate Team Building
Meeting Facilitation
Parent’s Night Out
& More!
From there you can choose the theme you would like…
Stem Programs
Fun Themes
Video Game Design


The Benefits Of STEAM Learning

  • It helps remove idea inhibition (there’s no wrong answer in art!).

  • It focuses on the process which helps drive innovation.

  • It teaches the power of observation, of people and your surroundings.

  • It helps hone spatial awareness and mathematical concepts like geometry.



To enter the giveaway to win a Snapology Mascot Sebastian LEGO Alligator Set. Just comment below and tell me if Snapology is something you think your kids would like. Good luck!

16 thoughts on “Minimalist Toys That Spark The Imagination

  1. I love the idea of buying toys for your children that are based on what they love to do! I feel like I could be in a different spot today if I focused on one particular interest as opposed to being surrounded by so many unnecessary distractions that didn’t serve a purpose. Brain development when you are a child is such a powerful thing 🙂

  2. I love your minimalist ideas, and keeping a few personal toys and a few community toys to be shared. Brilliant! I’m trying pare down our toys but grandmas keep bringing more ! My oldest has an engineering type mind so I love getting building type of types rhat encourage that!

  3. This is great! We’re in the process of minimizing toys, especially with our big move! I love your take on it! We’ve also been trying to encourage gift buyers to purchase Montessori and Waldorf learning toys that we will be using for homeschooling/unschooling!

  4. I hate buying toys. I feel like we never buy them, yet they accumulate so quickly! We do love books though. Thanks for these tips. Now I know what to send to grandparents who ask for Christmas gift ideas 🙂

  5. I think 2-3 personal toys is a good number because kids tend to play with the same few toys because let’s face it, kids have the strongest opinions on what they like the most and what they don’t!

  6. Snapology sounds like a lot of fun! It sounds like they have many different programs and activities that promote STEM at a young age. I also love that blocks are a great toy for children of all ages. We definitely get a lot of use out our Mega Blocks set!

  7. We also try to have fewer toys (although we don’t strive for minimalism!) My kids would love that Lego set! I try to encourage engineering, building, and imaginative play with the toys that we have.

  8. Now that our son’s imagination has taken off, we are also buying less and less toys for him. And when we do, it’s either LEGOS (he loves them!) or things he desperately wants (current passion: angry birds). Again, absolutely nothing which has batteries and does all the playing by itself 🙂 So far this has been the best toy management strategy (I wonder why I did not adopt it much earlier!).

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