Bickering Among Siblings – A Simple Solution #Parentingwin




“Give me that!”.  “No, give me”! This was the sound of my kids arguing all morning, and I was fed up.  I was at a loss on how to solve the problem because this kind of bickering just started up recently.  I would try to defuse the situation, but my efforts didn’t help.


I would threaten to take away privileges, and I even tried timeout a few times, but none of these things worked.  When I searched for answers on the web, the solutions didn’t really help me.  I gave up on my search for answers until I was introduced to the Boys Town parenting email series.  Boys Town is a non-profit charity serving kids and parents online, in their homes and in schools.


They created an email series dealing with different subject matters to help give families parenting guidance.  The email series include topics: Success in School, Parenting Principles, Teen Discipline, Toddler Tantrums, Today’s Teen, Kids and Technology, Anti-Bullying, and Tween Discipline.  As you can see there is a variety of topics, that fit a wide range of issues.
I chose Parenting Principles email series because I felt that perhaps there was something I could change in my parenting approach.  It was apparent that the issue was deeper than two siblings bickering.
Since my kids are so young, they didn’t understand the long lectures about how siblings should get along.  I’m sure it sounded like “blah, blah, blah” to them.  I tried a suggestion from the first email in the parenting principles email series.  Boys Town said to offer praise for nice deeds or behavior.


“Wow!  What a simple solution”!  I thought.  As soon as I read it I started praising my kids each time they were kind and thoughtful towards one another.  When they started noticing that they were getting attention for doing positive things they wanted to do more!!!
It took some time, and the key is not expecting overnight success.  My kids still bicker, but it’s not nearly as much as they used to.
Please go over to Boys Town website and sign up for the email series, there are helpful tips for every parenting dilemma.

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