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Hello friends!  My name is Nikki I’m a military spouse and I’m a mommy of three little people.  I’m an African-American blogger, who loves to connect with other moms from around the world. I’m a stay-at-home mom who values tradition, but I’m also all about Mommy Empowerment.


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What Is Mommy Empowerment?

Mommy empowerment is a term I created when I realized that most moms weren’t receiving the support and encouragement that they needed to kick butt at this mom thing.

We are the backbone of our families, therefore, we must put ourselves first in order to nurture our spouses and kids.  My blog focuses on four aspects that I believe help moms feel empowered.  They are faith, health & wellness, mom hacks and ways to promote self-care.

The Importance Of Mommy Empowerment

Why is mommy empowerment important to me?  Well, after having my second child I was suffering from postpartum depression.  But it went deeper than that.  Being a military spouse left me with no familial support system (because we moved so much), and having to figure out ways to make sure I was emotionally and mentally healthy for my family.

It was a long journey to recovery for me, and I never want other moms to go through that.  So Healing Mama Blog focuses on giving moms the tools that they need to be successful at motherhood.

Thank you for sticking around and reading. I hope to connect with you and get to know whoever is reading this.  Please feel free to email me so we can chat.  Email: hmrmediaco@gmail.com




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