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The Benefits of Heavy Lifting for Women

The benefits of heavy lifting for women


I’ve recently embarked on a new journey.  Heavy lifting.  I dabbled in it when we were stationed in Utah and I discovered that I like lifting heavy weights.  Before I discovered heavy lifting, I was under the impression that it was only for men (I know silly me). However, I found this sub culture of regular every day women who lift heavy weights.  

What I  found was nicely toned women who looked healthy and strong.  I started researching and found a heavy lifting program that was easy to follow.  I was a tad bit intimated at first, but quickly discovered I loved it.
At first I started heavy lifting for superficial reasons, but I learned that heavy lifting had so many health benefits for women.

1. Helps regulate hormonal imbalances

2. Efficient fat burner

3. Great for bone health

4. Helps reduce symptoms of clinical depression

5. Reduces risk of heart disease.

6. Makes you stronger

the benefits of heavy lifting for women


I must say that they above are absolutely true.  I’ve just started my weight lifting journey and will be updating soon on my progress.  So far here is where I’m at 3 weeks.  After I’m done with my current program which is a 12 week program, I will be starting another.  I’m not really setting any weight loss goals, I’m just trying to get healthier.
Sorry not the best before and after picture
I know this isn’t a BIG difference but I notice a little change.  I’ll update at the end of 12 weeks.

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-Healing Mama

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