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When Your Spouse Is Gone A LOT

when your spouse is gone a lot

It never gets easier, you know, when they leave.  They may be getting deployed, traveling for work, or work late shifts, but the process is always the same.  You try to mentally prepare yourself for your time apart.  You wonder how you will manage it all.  Though you are sad, there is still a house that needs to be tended to, and kids that need be raised.

When you have a spouse who works or travels a lot it can be tough. However, I believe there is a bright side to this type of situation.  I know I’ve learned how to be very independent.  I’m not afraid to go places and do things by myself.  It also helped me discover my passions/interest outside of my marriage.  Still I feel this tips below will help you cope when your spouse is gone a lot.

Keeping Busy

One thing that I have found to help when my husband leaves, is to keep busy.  Heck, with two kids I have no choice but to keep busy.  However, there are moments that if I allow myself to dwell it can get hard.  Keeping busy can mean many things to many people.  For me, it’s getting involved with a lot of activities for my kids.  Working could be another form of keeping busy.  Also, getting involved with different social clubs could also help.

Talk About It

I think it’s also important to talk about how you feel.  If you are feeling particularly sad one day confide in your trust confidant.  More than likely they will empathize with you and offer some type of support.

When Your Spouse Is Gone A lot, Take That Time To Discover Your Own Interest

Don’t Always Be Strong

I know this piece of advice seems counter intuitive.  But think about it, being strong all of the time can get mentally draining.  You don’t always have to put on the brave strong face.  There are times when you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable.  If you need to cry, cry. If you feel frustrated, feel frustrated.  Let it out and move on.

Discover Your Interest

As I mentioned above I’ve learned a lot about what I love, because my husband does travel a lot.  I’ve learned that there is a whole world outside of my bedroom that is waiting to be discovered.  I’ve found that I like to blog,heavy lifting, and read.  Take this time to get to know yourself.  It will make for a much richer relationship when your spouse is home.



What are some ways that help you when your spouse is gone/ travel’s a lot?  Leave comment below I would love to know.

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12 thoughts on “When Your Spouse Is Gone A LOT

  1. It can be rough!!! My fiance works super long shifts, with rotating day and grave shifts. Though he is here probably more often than in a military setting – I still feel like a single parent sometimes. Keeping myself busy has been the best thing to keep my mind away from the fact that I can’t spend more time with my children’s father because he works so hard to provide for us. I started my blog to begin sharing the ways I deal with my children in the times that I don’t have my partner there to help me. It’s actually has been making our time together more special in that way. 🙂 Great post – Momma’s can do anything but not everything.

    1. Thank you Ginger for stopping by! You make a great points. I try not to complain bc they are gone bc they are trying to provide for their families. I agree my blog has been a great hobby and outlet!

  2. I guess mine was, I’m so use to him not being home everyday, that when his home it’s a lot take in. Like, I love my alone time. I know it’s weird. I love him to death But when his home like on a vacation or maybe just off for 2 days straight, it’s just like a big adjustment. Part of it I guess, cause I’m so independent and like to do things by myself. LoL. My mother in law and I kinda share the same sentiment she used to be a Military Wife, and she shared the same thing with my Father In Law, specially when he retired.

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