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My experience with a Doula: Part 1

My Experience With A Doula

My pregnancy with Bumble Bee was a bit of a surprise.  My pregnancy with him happened when we were in the middle of PCSing (I found out I was pregnant with him in a hotel room). As soon as I saw the plus sign on the test, I was immediately filled with panic.  This would be my first pregnancy away from family and friends.  I would have no support system besides my husband!    

I knew that I would need a doula for two reasons 1.) For support 2.) Help me Achieve a VBAC.  Around my fourth month of pregnancy, I started looking for Doula’s.  I interviewed a few, but we failed to make a connection.

I honestly thought all hope was lost.  Out of desperation I contacted my local ICAN chapter and they connected me to a lovely student Doula.  Her name was Jessica.  After messaging back and forth a few times on Facebook, we finally decided on a date to meet.

I nervously waited for Jessica to arrive at my home.  My bell rang, and I wobbled down the hall to answer the door.  Mind you I was about 35 weeks when we finally met.

When Jessica starting talking  I immediately felt comfortable.  She educated me on so many aspects of labor and birth.  She told me all of the services that she provided that came with hiring her. She provided postpartum support, tummy binding, placenta encapsulation, and to preserve the umbilical cord.

We also made out a birth plan, and I told her exactly what I needed to feel supported the rest of the pregnancy.  We decided to meet again in a few weeks to finalize everything.  During those few weeks Jessica constantly called and checked on me and asked me how I was doing.   I still was worried about my VBAC but having Jessica’s support helped me so much. We still had a few more weeks until we met again.  However, we would never get a chance to have a second meeting.

As I laid in bed one morning, I had to get up to pee. When I came to lay back down the baby  moved in a really odd way.  I closed my eyes, and felt liquid come out.  My water had broken! I was 38 weeks at the time.  I jumped up got my bags packs and tried to clean up a little.

I eventually woke my husband up and we all headed to the hospital.  Once there, they confirmed that my water had indeed broken.  I called Jessica to let her know, but told her she didn’t have to come just yet.  The doctor told me I wasn’t in active labor.

have a doula

My contractions weren’t starting so they gave me Pitocin.  I really didn’t want it, but I did it anyways.  The painful contractions started immediately.  About half way through my labor we called Jessica and asked her to come to the hospital.

It was about 9:00 p.m during that time.  I was in so much pain I began begging for a c-section.


To Be Continued…Part 2

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What do you know about Doula’s?  Did you have one during your pregnancy? If so what was your experience with a Doula like?


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15 thoughts on “My experience with a Doula: Part 1

  1. Awesome! I would have loved a doula with my daughter. Something so intimate about having an all natural birth in the comfort of your home! Will definitely look into one if we ever have another one! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I wish I had a doula. It must have been hard being away from family. I always had my younger sister with me to comfort and encourage me. However, with all my girls I did not get the epideral and It was hard/painful….Only God could comfort me at that time. What a blessing it is for us to have our Lord savior….I cant wait to read the rest of your birth experience with a doula…

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