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How Women Can Avoid Gym Intimidation

Gym intimidation


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Let’s talk gym intimidation.  So you decide to join a gym and start your weight training journey.  No biggie you think, I’ll go in and workout and leave.  You do your cardio and then you decide to hit the weights.  You make your way over to the weight training area and start your routine.  Soon you are interrupted by a guy telling you that he can show you how to improve your squatting technique.  You nod and say “no thanks I got it”.  You continue to squat and another guy impatiently stands behind you waiting to use the squat rack.  By this point you are not only intimidated but annoyed, so you leave.    You can avoid gym intimidation by following the steps below.


As a women I’ve encountered situations like this through out my time at gyms.  It actually bothered me so much that I joined a gym for women back home.  Not trying to put men down, but when they do things like that, it makes us women uncomfortable.  I want women to go into the gym and not be intimidated by not only the machines but the people.  Here are some tips on how to avoid gym intimidation.

gym intimidation

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  1. Have a game plan.  Never go into a gym without a plan.  Know what types of workout’s you are going to do and in what order.  It’s best to carry your workout routine with you  that way it will be easier to keep track of your workout.  (I have workout journals located in my Mom’s Resource Library for Free.  Just subscribe through email).  Also, if possible go and scope out the gym before you start.  Ask the employees what times and days are the busiest.   This will help you plan your workout schedule better, so it’s not so stress inducing.
  2. Know your stuff.  Before you start any weight training routine, make sure you read up on proper form and techniques.  A simple google search about a certain lifts can do wonders. However, you can also get these two books to help with that.  If you are doing the machines just ask an employee to show you how do to it.  Knowing proper form and technique will boost your confidence tremendously.
  3. Don’t worry about being a beginner.  If you are new to weight lifting, don’t let that stop you from going in the gym and getting started.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  You won’t even feel like a newbie if you follow steps 1 and 2 above.  You’ll be so confident in your routine and technique that nothing can shake you.
  4. Handling Situations.  Even though you’ve followed these steps, it’s guaranteed that someone will still approach  you during your workout.  If this happens politely tell them “you got this, but you appreciate their help”.  It’s best to keep the conversation short and to the point.  That way they know you mean business and won’t take up your time by talking.  Yes, it’s a bit…mean, but the gym time is YOUR time to improve yourself.

gym intimidation

No more gym intimidation!

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Do you ever experienced gym intimidation?

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  1. I always feel better when I have my notebook and a written plan with me! Then I can just move from machine to machine without being bothered! I also took advantage of a free session with a personal trainer at my gym and we focused on good form.

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