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Why Squatting Weights Is Vital for Women

squatting for women

By now you’ve read a thousand times on this blog that I love heavy lifting and how it made me  a better mother.  Since getting pregnant I’ve slowed down on my weight lifting.  Not for health reasons but fatigue was kicking my butt.  I’m slowly getting back into heavy lifting.  I lifted for the first time in a month last week.  I thought it would be challenging being almost 5 months pregnant but surprisingly my body remembered.  My form was a little off, but that’s expected after taking a little break.

Out of all of the different types of heavy lifts, my favorite lift has to be between squats and dead lifts.  Today I’m going to talk about squatting and how it’s vital for a women’s health.

Different Types of Squats

There are A LOT of different squat techniques but I’m only going to only talk about three.

back Squat

images                               images

Front squat

images                   imgres


overhead squat

images                   imgres


I won’t go into too much detail about the differences of each type of squat, but each one has their own benefits.  They also can be utilized at different times in your fitness journey depending on your needs.

What Are The Benefits of Squatting For Women

Pelvic Floor Health

In conjunction to kegel exercises squats can be used to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.  These two (article one, article two)articles give a great break down on how squats are beneficial to pelvic health.

Stronger back muscles

Believe it or not squatting is a full body exercise.  “Squats are more than just a leg exercise. Your legs do most of the work to Squat the weight. But your abs and lower back muscles must stabilize your torso while your upper-body balances the bars. Squats work your whole body from head to toe.” Source

If you are a mother, pelvic and back muscles are put under a lot of stress during pregnancy. After pregnancy our pelvic and core muscles are left weak.  Squats can be a great way to strengthen them

Squatting During Pregnancy???

images-2            images-3

Squatting during pregnancy is a great way to maintain your pelvic and core muscles.  If you are new to heavy lifting I wouldn’t suggest starting during pregnancy.  However, if you’ve been doing it your doctor will usually say it’s okay to continue lifting. Of course consult with your doctor first before proceeding.

If you can’t lift weights during pregnancy you can always do weightless squats.


Don’t Hurt Yourself, Practice Your Form

Form is so important in heavy lifting.  It’s important to practice proper form, it results in an effective lift and you are less likely to injure yourself.  I found this video series helpful in learning the best squat form.

Have I convinced you how great heavy lifting is?

If you are more interested in heavy lifting I highly suggest these two books.

imgres images

If you are ready to feel like Super Woman a bad ass, start lifting.  You’ll feel more powerful and strong.  Lifting will instill a confidence in you that you didn’t know you had.  Trust me.  I hope you enjoyed this post!  Happy Squatting!

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11 thoughts on “Why Squatting Weights Is Vital for Women

  1. I am not a gym goer, but I do remember that my doctor told me to do squats when picking things up from the floor or in general when I was carrying my son. It definitely helped me during my labor and delivery.

  2. I’ve never been a fan of squats, because ouch, but they do sound amazingly beneficial (and might be why the gym class teachers always made us do them). You’re awesome for keeping up with the lifting while pregnant.

  3. Squats are my FAVORITE Nikki, so I LOVE THIS POST! 🙂 I wish I could go to the gym with you! 🙂 I did a ton of weightless squats during pregnancy and believe it helped with labor and delivery. I also just love the results I get from squatting – because like you pointed out it’s a total body exercise. I have been consistent with my weights routine (which includes a lot of squats!) and i’m seeing definition in my waist and abs for the first time in a long time! 🙂
    I’m going to see if my library has those books – thanks for the recommendation!

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed this Erin. I know I wish we could be work out buddies! It would be so much fun. I’m also so happy to hear that the squats and weight lifting are paying off! You go girl! I’m proud of you!

  4. Wow! You go, momma! You are so incredible! I can definitely understand that squats have their benefits, but I just assumed weightlifting would be a no-no for pregnancy (ignorance at its finest right there!). I’m so glad you’re able to keep going, and you’ve even inspired me to look into this! I want to be a fit momma!

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