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Bringing Home Baby + Duo Diary Giveaway!

Duo Diary


Bringing Home Baby

You see this in innocent little baby?  Well, I had so much anxiety when I first had her.  During our time in the hospital she lost more than 10% of her body weight and she had jaundice.  I was worried sick about her health.  Thankfully, the jaundice went away and we were released. However, when we got home I continued  to worry about her weight gain.  She was a very sleepy baby, so it was hard keeping her awake for feedings.  I never knew if she was getting enough to eat.

duo diary

Duo Diary

Luckily Rachel the creator of Duo Diary has created a product that helps take the guess work out of feedings for baby and mommy.  The Duo Diary is a journal that allow mothers to keep track of her babies feedings and when she eats!  New moms already have so much going on that sometimes we forget to eat.  I didn’t have that problem.   I think this product is great because you can also keep track of babies wet diapers and the amount of sleep they are getting.  You can take it with you to their check ups and have all the information right in one place.

Untitled design (26)

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Baby and Mommy Journal

Baby and Mommy Journal (1)

Baby and Mommy Journal (2)

Giveaway Time!

If you would like to win a Duo Diary enter the giveaway below.

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Disclaimer-I was given the Duo Diary in exchange for my honest opinions and views.  

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