The Honest Truth About Making Money As A New Mommy Blogger

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May marks the 6 month anniversary of my blog.  When I started my blogging journey I really just wanted a place that was my own.  I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts and connect with other women in the same stage of life as me.  I blogged about my struggle with postpartum depression and the ups and downs as a mom.  Overtime I began to build relationships with other mom bloggers and we formed a bond.  It meant a lot to me.  As I started reading more and more about blogging I also found that it could be a great source of income as well.





**Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links**

After two months of blogging on Blogger I switched over to with Bluehost as my hosting site. Bluehost was very reasonably priced.  They were easy to work with and whenever I had technical problems (which is rare) they fixed them right away!

I was a bit hesitant to invest the money, but since it wasn’t a large investment, I figured I had nothing to lose.   I also read that when bloggers switch over to they own their own content which was very important to me.  I was very scared, but I made the move.  It was a very easy process for me, so much so, I did everything by myself!


The First 3 Months

The first 3 months of blogging were pretty tough for me.  I was still finding my voice and my “niche”.  My post were very short and sweet.  I also didn’t know that I should be creating very detailed post.  I had no clue what a bounce rate was or how to increase my traffic.  However, overtime I started to focus on my niche and blogging goals.  I still have a long ways to go, but I will share with you what has worked for me so far.

So you won’t have to struggle with these things I’m going to share with you some tips that I wish I knew when I first started. Here’s the honest truth on making money as a new mommy blogger.

Find a Blogging Tribe

This is the first thing you should do.  Your tribe will support you and they can offer advice and feedback.  If you can’t find a tribe, my first suggestion is join blogging Facebook groups. Put up a post asking people if they would like to join a tribe.  Or you can see if anyone is adding more members to their tribe.

Write About What You Know

When I first started I wrote mainly about living a holistic lifestyle.  However, since I wasn’t well versed on all things holistic, writing those types of post didn’t come naturally to me.  So I took the time out to find out what I’m passionate about.  After some thought I found that I loved writing about mental health, fitness/health, relationships, budgeting and motherhood.

Invest In Your Blog

It doesn’t have to be a big investment, it could $5, $10, $15, or $20.  One tiny investment can make a BIG difference in your blog.  First find what you would like to improve, then search for products/services to help you improve your blog.  Right now I’m focusing on increasing my traffic and decreasing my bounce rate. So I invested in products that helped me achieve this.  I can say that these next two products/services  helped my blog tremendously.

The Truth About

Work On Increasing Traffic

I think when you are a newbie blogger getting traffic is hard.  One thing I wish I did sooner was focus on getting more traffic.  Using the two products mentioned below I was able to increase my traffic. It’s important to get traffic so brands/companies can see that people are interested in what you have to offer.

Board Booster

More than likely you’ve seen hundreds of post on Tailwind or Board Booster.  They both offer free trials and I suggest your try out both to see which one you like.  I like Board Booster because it’s easier to use and it’s only $5 for 500 pins a month.  Ever since I’ve started using Board Booster my #1 source of traffic is Pinterest, which is a great source of passive traffic.

Untitled design (51)

Here is my Pinterest Growth Since I’ve Started Using Board Booster


(Tip:  Apply for Rich Pins, I feel this also made a difference).

Sky Rocket Your Page views Using Google Analytics

I watched Crystal and Kelli on Youtube way before I knew about their ebook.  They give great advice to bloggers on how to start.  Then one day I was poking around on the SITS GIRLS website and saw that they had an ebook.  After much debating I finally purchased their book.  They have actionable task that they walk you through in Google Analytics to increase your page views and reduce your bounce rate.  I’ve only been using it less than a month and my bounce rate has reduced and readers stay on my site longer.

google analytics results (1)google analytics results

My page sessions have also increased


You can purchase their book here for $19.99 (click image).


Buy Now

How I Reduced My Bounce Rate and Page Views In a Month (2)


Have I Made Any Money?

Okay so now that I’ve explained all of that, let’s get to the good part, the money.  I didn’t see my first real payout until this month.  Yes, it took 6 MONTHS TO MAKE MONEY from my blog.  So far I’ve made a majority of my blogging income from sponsored post.  I only post about products/services that I use and love.  I’ve also turned down sponsored posts because they just didn’t align with my blogs vision.

Different Ways To Earn From Your Blog

Affiliate Programs:  A lot of your favorite companies offer affiliate programs.  Basically you get your own personal link to their product/service and if someone uses that link you get paid a portion of the earnings.

Ads:  As you can see I don’t have ads on my blog.  I don’t think that having them on my blog is worth it, so I don’t use them.  However, it is a way to make money.

Virtual Assistant Work: There are a lot of bloggers who make a nice income being virtual assistance to other bloggers.  If you have experience in digital marketing or social media management then this is a road that you can take.

Selling Your Own Product: You can also sell and create your own product.  Again, if you have knowledge about something package it up and sell it!

Sponsored Post:  You can also do sponsored post.  Sponsored posts are where a company pays to write about their product/service.  There are a few influencer programs you can sign-up for that can get your sponsored content. I’ve had luck with these companies as a new blogger:




Another way to get sponsored post is by contacting companies directly.  If you sign up for my email list you can get my FREE EBOOK “A Beginners Guide On How To Pitch To Brands”.  I share a few things that make a successful pitch.

Be Patient and Work Hard

Yes, you can make money as new mommy blogger.  It takes time and a lot of energy!  Well, at least it did for me.  Keep at it and work hard and it will eventually pay off.  These are just some of my tips from one newbie to another.

22 thoughts on “The Honest Truth About Making Money As A New Mommy Blogger

  1. I’m in month 2 and am so grateful for the tips and advice from blogs who have been doing it longer than me. Thanks for being real about how long it took to start making money. I’m planning on trying Board Booster soon. Thanks!

  2. It is a very helpful post, especially about Pinterest…till now I was not sure how exactly to use Pinterest to increase traffic but after using your tips, I am surely seeing some positive changes. So, thank you for this!

  3. You do have great tips! I am working through one ebook on increasing page views and will have to try out the one you recommend next. I am on my first month with board booster and have seen a faster increase in followers and repins. It’s great and only $5 per month. So worth it! I paid for my blog last October and launched in December. It took me until April to make money and I just made my first $1,000 from blogging. My husband was wowed, so was I 🙂 Blogging is so much fun!

  4. I have never heard of board boosters. I also don’t use pinterest. I’m not sure why. Never took the time to figure out how pinterest works. You made me consider putting in more time in my pins. Thanks for an amazing post.

  5. Thanks for the tips! I have been blogging since feb but only really started taking it seriously the past 6 weeks, havent made any money yet – unless you count the 21p on adsense but I know it takes time,which luckily I have as I am a stay at home mum. Hope I can make it auccessful though. I am going to give tailwind a try! Thanks 🙂

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