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Make Cleaning Your Ministry +Devotionals for Moms Who Despise Cleaning



Make Cleaning Your Ministry +Devotionals for Moms Who Despise Cleaning


Hello my name is Healing Mama and I don’t like to clean.  You could probably tell by this post and this post that cleaning is not my strong point as a stay-at-home mom.  Not only did I struggle with being neat before getting married and having kids, but I just so happened to marry a messy person.

Being tidy is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life.  I’m not sure why it’s been a struggle but it has.  However, ever since having kids I’ve gotten a lot better about keeping the house tidy. Now my only issue is getting my family on board to do the same!

Make Cleaning Your Ministry +Devotionals for Moms Who Despise Cleaning

Why I Despise Cleaning

Can I get negative for a minute?  Okay, if you don’t mind I need to vent on why I DESPISE CLEANING.

  1. It’s Never Done.  This is what really bugs me about cleaning.  No matter how hard you work, it’s a job that does not end.  As a goal oriented person, it really annoys me that I can’t accomplish this goal and be done with it.

  2. Family Can Easily Destroy Your Hard Work.  I love my husband and kids, but they do a great job at messing up my house.  There is no better feeling then looking at my living room with pride after I clean it.  Well, that feeling doesn’t last long.  Soon after I clean my husband and kids ransack the room and destroy my efforts.  To say I die a little inside each time this happens is an understatement.

  3. I’d Rather Be Doing Something Fun or Creative.  Simply put, cleaning is boring to me.  It’s so monotonous and blah!  I’d rather be writing, reading, or playing with my kids.

Tidy Moms Let Me Know Your Secret!

I’m really envious of mother’s who are able to keep a spotless clean house.  Oh how I wish I could be them for a day. I want to know how they do it.  There are plenty of great tips out there to help, but I just can’t stick with it.  I’ve tried tricking myself into thinking cleaning is fun, I’ve tried a cleaning checklist, and I’ve read just about every cleaning blog post I could find.  Check out my Pinterest Board if you don’t believe me. But nothing sticks.  After a few weeks I throw in the towel!

It’s All About Perception

I’m going to admit that this was going to be a post on how much I don’t cleaning.  However, I was very humbled after I watched this video.  I actually watched it right before I started my daily chores. This video lead me to a two conclusions:

  1. Cleaning Isn’t the Issue
  2. I Can Make Cleaning My Ministry

Cleaning Isn’t The Issue

As I started to clean, I realized that is wasn’t the actual process of the cleaning that bothered me (okay it bothers me a little).   But it is how I view cleaning.  Cleaning isn’t fun because I can’t connect it to a deeper meaning.  I just view it as well…cleaning.  However, if I can connect cleaning to a deeper meaning, then perhaps it can be a more pleasurable experience for me.

Make Cleaning Your Ministry +Devotionals for Moms Who Despise Cleaning

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I Can Minister To My Family Through Cleaning

I’m a homemaker.  That’s my job.  I provide my family with love, wise counsel, and support. These things are all apart of my ministry.  On top of that I have house work that needs to be accomplished each day. However, my housework is not separate from my ministry.  It’s apart of it.  By keeping a tidy home I’m showing my family I care.  Not only that but having them participate in these household duties is ministering to them as well.  It’s teaching them teamwork, pride, care, and support.

Making The Connection

Once I was able to make the connection between cleaning and ministry it gave my household chores a meaning.  Not only was I able to make a deeper connection to cleaning, it motivated me to clean as well.  All of a sudden it gave such a mundane task a purpose.

Clean In 15 Minute Increments

So now that we’ve gotten to the bottom of why cleaning can be difficult for some of us.  How are we going to put our new found knowledge into action?

I started doing a 15 Minute cleaning schedule that helps me stay on task when doing my housework.  This is perfect for moms like me who have a short attention span or need to break up the monotony of cleaning.  Set a timer for 15 minutes, then tackle each chore for that amount of time.  I usually allow myself a 5-10 minute break in between each increment.  Then I set my timer again.  Doing this makes cleaning a less painful task for me.

If you enjoyed this post but would like a little more encouragement click down below to download “Devotionals for Mothers Who Despise Cleaning”.  I really hope this post helps moms out there like me who struggle with this.  

Make Cleaning Your Ministry +Devotionals for Moms Who Despise Cleaning


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10 thoughts on “Make Cleaning Your Ministry +Devotionals for Moms Who Despise Cleaning

  1. Thank you so much for linking up with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party this week. I do get angry with my kids when they make messes after I have cleaned the house. Thanks for these great tips to help me on this.

  2. I hate cleaning! I am a perfectionist – For me, it’s an “either-or situation”. Either I will make everything squeaky clean or not clean at all. And this is the attitude that I am working on changing.

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