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Creating The Perfect Visual Birth Plan

visual birth plan
visual birth plan

I briefly mentioned my birth plan in my this post.  However, I never went into much detail because I and Jessica never got a chance to meet again to finalize it. Luckily for me, she was my walking birth plan, certain aspects of my VBAC with Bumble Bee went the way I wanted thanks to Jessica.

This time I won’t have a doula, so I really feel I need a birth plan in place. It is all apart of me having a successful VBAC. I do understand that everything may not go the way I plan, but I would like the hospital staff to know what some of my wishes are.

Since I’m a fairly simple and visual person, I thought creating a visual birth plan would be great for me.  It’s easy to read and it was pretty quick to create. In today’s post, I will go over what aspects make a good visual birth plan and how to create one.

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Why Is A Birth Plan Necessary?

For me personally, a birth plan will help me to know what I want, as well as clearly communicating my wishes to those who are going to care for me during labor.  It helps serve as a guide to everyone involved in my labor in delivery.  In a perfect world, birth plans would be followed precisely, however, that’s not always the case.  Still, it is good to have a plan a place, especially if there are shift changes during your labor and delivery.

What Should Be Included in A Birth Plan?

Simply put, everything that matters to you.  You can be as broad or as detailed as you want in a birth plan. The whole point is to help those who are caring for you to know what aspects of your labor and delivery are important to you.

My birth plan is fairly simple.  I’ve included things that are important to me, but I still allowed room for change.  However, there are some key details that should be included in your birth plan (I left out all of my personal information on the birth plans below).

-Your First and last name

-Names of people who will be in the room to support you (husband, midwife, or doula, or labor coach).

-Doctor’s name

How To Create a Visual Birth Plan

I began creating my birth plan by visualizing how I want my labor and delivery to go.  I picked out the key elements that I thought would make a difference in how my experience went. From there I simplified it a little more to describe what I wanted in 1 sentence or word.  I figured it would be easier for the hospital staff to glance over and get the gist of what I wanted. The best thing about a visual birth plan is everything is summed up in pictures and phrases.

Creating Your Visual Birth Plan

I looked up several examples of visual birth plans on Google, and I picked out the ones that I liked.  After that, I went to Canva and began putting everything together.  Most of the pictures were clip art that I Googled and downloaded to Canva.


Example 1

visual birth plan



Example 2

visual birth plan

I made slight changes to the second one just to give a little variation.  I’m not sure which one I’m going to use yet.  I saved both in PDF format that way I can just print them out and have them ready.  At my 36-week doctor’s appointment, I will take one with me to give to the doctor and I’ll have another one in my hospital bag.

VBAC Success Stories

Also, if you are a VBAC hopeful make sure that you read my VBAC Success Stories series. These series consist of moms who sent in their VBAC stories.  Melissa shared her supernatural VBAC experience.  There was an also a hospital birth without fear, and a mom who was in awe of her VBAC.  I also share my crazy and fast VBAC with my last child.  I hope the VBAC Success Stories series helps you.


visual birth plan

visual birth plan

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    1. Yes, it’s so much easier to read then a bullet point one. No I’m going to deliver at a hospital. The room had had last time had a tub, I couldn’t use it because I was a VBAC. But I’m hoping to use it this time! LOL.

  1. Momma, you have got this whole thing under control! Your birth plan looks incredible, and I know you can do it! With my son nothing went according to the plan, and we didn’t really bother making a plan for the twins because we knew it would just be “show up for the c-section.”

  2. Love the visual. Especially helpful for when you are in the throes of labor and you need to remind the nurses and/or doctors of your wishes. This is a really helpful post that I will pass along to my mommy groups. 🙂

  3. That is so cool! I teach Mother/Baby to nursing students, having a pt with a plan is so much easier to care for. That way you know exactly what they want and need from you.

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