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What Goes On Behind The Baby Gates – Can You Spot Dangerous Situations In Your Home?


baby gates

There was a time when I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself.  I purchased a new home and got to decorate it the way I wanted to, and I loved it.  Safety was never an issue I considered, until I became a mother.  Honey Bee introduced to me to world that opened my eyes to so many worries, especially when she started walking.  Once my daughter got her stride my home needed a complete overhaul! I didn’t really know much on how to baby proof my house, until I started seeing the types of things my daughter  could get into.  Who knew such a tiny human could think of such creative ways to put themselves in harms way?  Honey Bee certainly had a knack for turning a seemingly harmless scene into a life or death situation.

What Goes On Behind The Baby Gates

I’ll be honest in saying that I didn’t know much about baby proofing a house, and when I did learn I didn’t learn from the experts.  I learned by thinking like a baby!  After I saw what types of things got my daughters attention, I began to baby proof my house.  The included using electrical outlet covers, corner guards, cabinet and draw locks and baby gates.

Below are two rooms, can you spot the hidden dangers?


baby gates

baby gates

  1. My child would climb onto the couch and pull the books down.  Honey Bee would also try to hang on to this shelf as well.
  2. This lamp is screaming to be taken off of the table and played with.  Or if she wasn’t interested in the lamp she would jiggle the table and it could fall on her.
  3. A possible chocking hazard.
  4. The corner of these tables are sharp edges, definitely not safe for a clumsy toddler.

Do you see any other potential hazards?

baby gates

baby gates

  1. I’m not sure what is beyond this door, but I’m sure my daughter would be able to think of some way to put herself in danger.
  2. Another lamb asking to be tipped over.
  3. Sharp edges on tables.
  4. Having a fire place and a baby/toddler just doesn’t sound like a great combo.
  5. Oh, how she would love to knock down these books and climb this shelf.
  6. I’m not sure what this is, but it looks like something a child would climb up on and jump off.  Or use as a stool.
  7. The couch with the banister behind is very dangerous!

Did I miss anything?  If so let me know in the comments.


How To Start Baby Proofing

Don’t go into baby proofing your home blindly like I did, here are a list of resources to help get you started.

Baby Proofing Check List

Learn to Baby Proof in Style with this helpful Youtube Video

Check Out Alpha Mom’s Common-Sense Approach to Baby Proofing

Also be sure to go to for all of your baby proofing needs.  They have a large selection of baby gates, and other equipment to meet your baby proofing needs.


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baby gates

10 thoughts on “What Goes On Behind The Baby Gates – Can You Spot Dangerous Situations In Your Home?

  1. I had a lot of fun playing eye spy with this post! We unfortunately didn’t learn about the effect of sharp table corners until my friends 18month old hit his head and had to get stitches in his forehead! Awful!

  2. This is a fun way to share important info! I even forgot what it was like to have babies or toddlers in the house since mine are well trained by now and out the get-into-everything stage. I had a playdate today with a toddler eating plastic beans from our “Don’t Spill the Beans” game, getting into cabinets, going into rooms he had no business being in…it was funny, he’s just a sweet curious little guy, but I forgot you need to close cabinets and doors, and put certain things out of reach!

  3. Oh the sharp corners! One of my biggest worries! I thought we did a pretty good job of baby-proofing with our son, but now the twins are finding every tiny thing we missed. They’re into EVERYTHING!

  4. I really think my kids can make anything into a dangerous situation! I try to land somewhere in the middle between no baby-proofing and being hyper vigilant. I keep it pretty safe, try to keep an eye on them, and try to teach them what is dangerous as they are getting older (1.5 and 3 now). It can be really stressful though!

  5. It sure is hard when having a little one and spotting the dangers. I know from recent experience and my baby is no longer very little. It is so important to be spot these. Thank you for sharing on such an important topic.

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