Caring For Your Baby While Caring For the Environment With Caboo


My Infants Sensitive Skin

I was given Caboo wipes in exchange for my review.  All opinions are all of my own and honest.

When Sugar Bee  was born I never anticipated that she would have sensitive skin.  A few weeks after her birth I discovered that she had eczema.  After a horrible flare up I changed up her skin care routine.  I switched to products that were more natural to help treat her delicate skin.




My Experience With Caboo Wipes

During this time I got the opportunity to try Caboo wipes from their baby line.The first thing I noticed and like about the Caboo wipes were their thickness and durability.  I also loved how these wipes didn’t have an over powering smell.  They were very gentle on Sugar Bee’s bum, and didn’t irritate her skin.

I also loved that using these products helped reduce my carbon footprint. I felt good using Caboo wipes because of how they benefit the environment.


Caboo Wipes are:

  • Extra Gentle
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben & Chlorine Free
  • BPA Free
  • Compostable in as Fast as 28 Days

More Information About Caboo Products

Caboo also offers other paper products.  What makes their company so special is that all of their products are made from Bamboo and/or sugarcane.

Makes use of renewable resources
Sugarcane is much like bamboo, with an added environmental bonus. The “bagasse” – the dry fibrous residue that remains after the extraction of juice from the crushed stalks – is what we use to make our paper.  Normally this bagasse is either disposed of or burned, which means that we are repurposing what would otherwise be discarded. Talk about renewable!


The sustainable alternative
Switching to Caboo paper can help youmove toward a more sustainable lifestyle. In fact it’s probably one of the easiest things you can do to help the environment in your daily life. If you operate a business, switching to Caboo paper can contribute toward your company’s sustainability goals.


More eco-friendly than recycled paper
Recycling or processing a tree into tissue can take much more water and energy than the minimal processing necessary to turn bamboo and sugarcane into paper. BPA can also be found in recycled tissue after deinking and cleaning recycled paper. Caboo’s sugarcane and bamboo paper is 100% BPA free.


Softer and stronger than recycled paper
Unlike recycled bath tissue, which can be rough or thin, Caboo’s sugarcane and bamboo fibres produce a much softer product than recycled paper. And it’s strong, too – bamboo’s natural qualities make a paper that’s been tested to be stronger than recycled tissue of the same weight.


100% biodegradable
Caboo is 100% biodegradable because its fibres quickly dissolve back into the earth – making it safe for all disposal systems.


Chlorine bleach free
We use of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) instead of chlorine bleach to whiten our paper.  Because no chloride is actually contained in the wastewater, it can be used in the next process after it is recycled.


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