Unique Gift Ideas To Help Couples Reconnect

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My post What 2016 Has Taught Me About Intimacy in My Marriage talked about the ways me and my husband developed deeper intimacy.  So I thought it would be fitting to create a Christmas gift guide to help couples reconnect.  I choose gifts that are fun, endearing and have sentimental value.

Uncommon Goods

I’ve partner with Uncommon Goods to bring you these gift ideas.  Uncommon Goods takes pride in providing unique gifts that are handmade, recycled and environmentally friendly.  They also have unique gift ideas for men, lovely gifts for women, and cool gifts for children.


What can be more fun than having a Date Night Bucket list?  This can provide plenty of fun and unique ideas for date night.


Bodydoodles can be played with anyone, but this game is perfect for couples to help draw them closer physically while sharing laughs together.



You can go wrong with matching personalized mugs?!


I believe that cooking is a great way for couples to connect.  Coming together to create these delicious truffles is sure to bring them closer.

uncommon goods

This little book gives spouses the chance to share the ways they love each other.  Handwritten sentiments are a wonderful way to express love.

uncommon goods

Again, I’m a sucker for anything personalized.  It just makes the gift extra special and this throw is something that I would love to receive.

I hope my gift guides provide a lot of fun ideas this Holiday Season.

This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods but all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

7 thoughts on “Unique Gift Ideas To Help Couples Reconnect

  1. What fantastic ways to reconnect and have a fun date night! My husband and I write notes on post-it stickers. Writing in a book would make a lovely keepsake.

  2. With me homeschooling, blogging, and leading a ladies Bible study, along with my husband working full-time and going to school part-time, it’s been hard lately to reconnect and just focus on us. The date night bucket list seems like a great idea because we’d be able to pick out something we’ve already planned. We would just need to plan for a sitter! 🙂

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