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You Know You Are A Breast Pumping Mama When… Feat


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Before I gave birth to Sugar Bee, I ordered myself a new breast pump.  Part of my postpartum plan was to pump more so I could have a little more flexibility when it came to caring for my daughter. My old breast pump wasn’t the best quality so I opted for a more quality one.

So I did research to see what are the top breast pumps out there?  There were a lot of great reviews about the Medela Pump In Style. I placed my order and was so happy when it came.  Pumping has been going great and I’m very happy about my purchase.

I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things moms who pump milk could relate to.  Read until the end of this post for a chance to win a $50 gift card to


You Know You Are a Breast Pumping Mama When…

You feel like a cow being milked


You get excited seeing your freezer stash grow

You literally cry over spilled milk


You already know that your “good boob” is going to produce more milk

You sometimes dread pumping because cleaning all of the little parts is a pain

This is your face when you turn the pump suction up too high


The words “pump and dump” are poison to you ears

You feel a sense of freedom now that someone else can feed your baby besides you



You’ve given your boobs a massage while pumping to get every. single. drop. of milk out

You are used to consuming a crazy amount of water to keep up with your pumping schedule


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Giveaway Time! (Closed)

In order to be entered into this giveaway, leave a comment describing what GIF you would use to sum up your parenting experience this week.  At the end of next week I’ll randomly draw a name using Rafflecopter.  Good luck!

Mine would be this one.  My kids have been sick all week and my brain cells are depleted!

breast pump

“This giveaway is a partnership with Nakturnal, with a prize of a gift certificate”

28 thoughts on “You Know You Are A Breast Pumping Mama When… Feat

  1. I’m between the crying over spilled milk Gif and the free one! I’m going out Christmas shopping this afternoon and I’m leaving Simon with my mom! 😬 He doesn’t take a bottle well but I’m going to enjoy my time alone until I get the call to come back and nurse him LOL

  2. You are spot on with all of these! Especially the cow one lol. No gif comes to mind to describe my week. And really my hubby has been the frustrating one to deal with…ugh. Is there a gif for a tired overwhelmed pregnant woman?

  3. Gosh I totally felt like a cow too! Luckily I didn’t have to breastfeed much since I always am with my son, but when I did have too, I felt like all those GIFs!

  4. I love all of these! Breastfeeding was so hard for me. I still have yet to write a post about it, because it hurts my heart so much (I couldn’t get a supply, not matter what I did).

  5. Haha these are so true! Especially feeling like a cow. This past week I mostly related the the pump and dump gif as I had a lot of wine celebrating my husband’s and my wedding anniversary and had to pump and throw away all the precious milk!

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