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Protecting Your Social Media Space (For The Highly Sensitive Mom)



highly sensitive mom

I’m making it my mission to focus more on self care.  I believe this is the missing link in the lives of a lot of moms, including myself.  I’ve been going over my routines and habits with a fine tooth comb lately, weeding out anything that might be draining my mental, spiritual,and emotional stores.  I’ve added self care rituals into my life, so that I can experience life and all of its wonders.

However, social media makes it hard for me to do at times.  The social climate hasn’t been in favor of my plight and I am working on the changing that.  In my real life I choose to surround myself with people who are loving and have a vested interest in my well being.  I offer the same to them in return.  It doesn’t matter if we have different political, parenting or religious views, I’m more concerned about what type of energy that person is brining into my life.  So it would only make sense that I do the same in my “social media life”.

Since I don’t have a lot energy to spare after taking care of my kids and loved ones, I want to use the remainder of my energy on activities that will inspire me and energize me. Social media does not provide this for me, and it drains me…IF I LET IT.

Some may think it’s nonsense that social media can negatively affect your thoughts and moods, and while that may true for some, it is not for me.  I’m a introvert and I am a highly sensitive person.  This maybe why I get anxious more than that average person.  If you aren’t sure here is how to tell you are a highly sensitive mom.

How To Tell If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

1. You need time alone — lots of it

2. You regularly have “meltdowns”

3. You don’t get uncomfortable when people get emotional or honest

4. You often end up in situations “by accident”

5. Your emotional life is rich and colorful

6. You become sick easily and often

7. You are powerfully affected by the feelings of others

8. You are conscientious and sometimes work too hard

9. You are a tad bit psychic

10. You love animals and they love you back

Read more descriptive details here.

If you finding yourself in the same boat as me here are a few steps that I’ve implemented to protect my social media space.

highly sensitive mom

Protecting Your Social Media Space

Spend a Limited Amount Of Time On Social Media

I no longer wake up in the morning checking any type of social media.  I believe what you consume in the morning will set the tone for the day.  I may sound repetitive but I start my day of with reading, prayer, and meditation. Once I do that I log in to check my social media for about 30-45 then get off.  I find that if I don’t set a limit that, social media will suck up my precious time.  Turning off my notifications also help with this as well.

Unfollow Those With Unpleasant, Shaming or Combative Content

Sometimes people post things on social media to get a reaction.  Others post to vent or get something off of their chest.  If you feel yourself reacting to these types of post negatively then it maybe time to unfollow or unfriend that person or page.


Be Aware of What You Post

It can be easy to draw negativity onto your social media by what you post.  It is best to be very aware of what information you choose to put out there.  I only post things about motherhood, food, and funny memes.  I choose not to post things are controversial on my my page(s).

Limit Who Can See Your Post

After all, your social media, is your social media so you should be able to express whatever you want.  If you have a person or people who follow you that are combative, negative, or argumentative then simply edit who sees your post.

Don’t Friend People Who You Have No Connection To

If you were to find my page on Facebook (my only personal social media page) you would see I have less then 100 friends.  That is because I usually unfriend people who I have no connection with or no longer communicate. I also get a lot of random friend request, and if I have no personal connection to that person I usually don’t add them. Not only that, but I’m a very private person.  Doing this just lessens who and what information I expose myself to.

Some Take Aways

The beautiful thing about social media is that you can meet wonderful people, have rich discussions, and get to see life through some one else’s eyes.  I believe that it is a place to express your thoughts and opinions and we also should be able to do so freely.  However, I believe also developing and healthy relationship with social media, so that it doesn’t consume too much of my life.  It is all about balance.




How do you manage your social media?


highly sensitive mom


5 thoughts on “Protecting Your Social Media Space (For The Highly Sensitive Mom)

  1. I LOVED your post soooooo much!!!! It resonated with me perfectly! Since last year (end), I have made the conscious decision of decreasing my social media footprint because it drains me completely (and unnecessarily – #2 – Just had a “meltdown” today also 😉 ).

    There used to be a whole lot activities I felt obligated to do in the past because well, I thought I must if I were to promote my work and keep being friends with the people that mattered to me. But turns out it’s better to just attract the right kind of people 🙂 Reducing my social media footprint has freed up so much of my time to do the things that I really love and enjoy doing. Thank you for this insightful post!!

  2. I’m not a highly sensitive person, but I do follow a lot of what you’ve suggested. I love social media for keeping up (or getting back) in touch with friends, but hate all of the drama that can go along with it. Unfortunately, as my husband says, too many people use Facebook as their personal diary. I want more baby pictures, less negativity!

  3. I’m not very sensitive to things. In fact, I like reading the combative posts from those who have different views than me. I learn a lot about their heart and thought by reading what they post. But I do try to limit my time on social media and try to only post positive and uplifting things.

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