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Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life to Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

A few weeks ago while I was in the midst of an anxiety attacked, I started thinking about what was contributing to my anxiety. Besides a bought of postpartum depression, I felt there was something more adding to my anxiousness. I looked around our home, and felt the walls closing in on me, and felt like I couldn’t breath. It was at the moment that I realized that our home had been overtaken with STUFF. This stuff was a headache to organize, and it made it impossible for to keep our home tidy, and it was just unsightly to look at!  If you didn’t already know I dislike chores, so having my home like this was too much for me to handle. Though I keep our home clean, I do not like the cluttered feel of the rooms.

I knew I needed to minimize the clutter, which in turn would minimize my stress level.  Then it made me think about all of the areas of my life that I could simplify.  Thankfully, I have a group of amazing women who have provided me with all of the resources and helpful tips I need to make this possible.  I will start a small series on how I am going to simplify my life (and what I have done so far), but this post is a great starting point.

Look below for tips and tricks to make your life more stress free as a mom.

Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life to Reduce Stress

reduce stress

Simplifying Tips

Simplifying To-Do List- Esther of A Beautiful Alarm

10 tips for the Christian in Love with Minimalism – Payton Foeller A Hopeful Happenstance


WHY I DITCHED STRICT MEAL PLANNING – Rebekah Surviving Toddlerhood


Ways To Simplify Home

Being Intentional With Our Space Part 1 (The Kitchen) By Naomi Living Out 127.  I love how she has her house organized.  This is definitely a goal of mine.

Being Intentional With Our Space Part 2 (Kids Stuff) By Naomi Living Out 127


365 Days Without Buying Clothes: A Revolutionary Challenge And Its Surprising Results– Abbey from Small Town Soul


Our Pilgrimage into Less: A Minimalist Journey – By Caitlin and Ethan from Flannel Graphs

Crafting the Life We Want – By Katherine from Newsom Natural Living


Also from Katherine: First month (+ then some) of tiny living: lessons learned & Tiny Tour

Being Intentional With Our Time – Naomi Living Out 127

5 Ways To Get Unplugged – Esther A Beautiful Alarm


Minimalist Living in a Culture Searching for Happiness – Payton Foeller A Hopeful Happenstance

32 Reasons I’m Craving All Things Minimalism – Payton Foeller A Hopeful Happenstance

Choosing To Live Simple – Jessica Inspire The Mom


Live Like No One Else – Rebekah Surviving Toddlerhood


reduce stress

4 thoughts on “Easy Ways To Simplify Your Life to Reduce Stress

  1. I have been on a crazy spree to de-clutter at home and adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Thank you for this round up because I can surely use more tips on reducing stuff (toys, books, and clothes), especially from my son’s room. It is surely reducing my stress levels 🙂

  2. Thank you for this roundup! I have been working on decluttering my home for a few weeks now. I started with my front closet and then a few cabinets in my kitchen. I’m not super organized yet but I’m much less stressed!

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