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3 Ways to Improve Uterine Health

improve uterine health

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It’s no secret that pregnancy and breastfeeding can cause a woman’s hormones to get out of whack.  A woman’s body endures a lot during these gloriously stressful times.  I’ve documented how my body has responded to both pregnancies and breastfeeding on this blog.   I’m on a journey to get my body back in order using diet, exercises, and other techniques.

It wasn’t until recently that I developed an interest in uterine health. I felt in order for me to be balanced in my mind, body, and soul that this was something that I should look into.  I found that there are so many unassuming factors that contribute to poor uterine health.  So I found ways to improve my uterine health.

3 Ways To Improve Uterine Health


 1. Uterine Massage


I never knew about uterine massage until recently. I wanted to ease my PMS symptoms (which are starting up 8 months postpartum), and I thought that I would try this.  Uterine massage can increase blood to the uterus, and this is supposed to help with hormonal balance.  It is said that doing this massage also promotes fertility. Women who have a tilted uterus have also reported that this technique repositioned their uterus making it easier for them to conceive.   This technique is called the Maya abdominal massage.  You can find out more about how to do this massage here.

2. Removing Xenoestrogens

As you know that I’ve been trying to live a more mindful life. This includes removing toxins from the products that I use.  I just knew that these toxins were bad, but I had no idea that they negatively affected my hormones.  Shampoos, conditions, lotion and tap water, commercially raised meat contain significant amounts of xenoestrogens.  Disposable menstrual products also contain xenoestrogens (I will do a blog post soon on safer alternatives).

Xenoestrogens are absorbed through the skin and weaken the elasticity of the uterine tissues.

After discovering this I’m going to be even more diligent about removing these things from my everyday life.  Source

3.  Exercise Your Pelvis

Most of know about Kegels, but did you know that you can exercise your pelvis in other ways? I wrote a blog post called the Why Squatting Weights Is Vital for Women, it mentions how squatting can also improve pelvic strength and health.  Also, swimming has been reported to be an excellent source of exercise for pelvic muscles.  It can ease period pain and back pain.  Source

improve uterine health

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*I am not a medical professional.  Please consult with your doctor before trying any of these.  Healing Mama Remedies will not be held liable for any injury that happens as a result of trying one of these techniques. Try at your own risk.  


improve uterine health

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