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Yes I Have “A Lot” Of Kids, and No I Don’t Have My Hands Full!

 a lot of kids


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I remember when I had two children I used to think that anything more than that was “a lot”. I would think “there is no way I could handle any more than two kids”.  That was until I found out I was pregnant with Sugar Bee, and my perspective changed.  Sure the idea of having three kids took some getting used to.  I was scared during my pregnancy with Sugar Bee and didn’t know how I was going to handle three kids, but eventually I got used to the thought of having three kids. Btw, now I don’t consider three or more kids a lot. 

See, I’m the type of person that likes to be on the go.  I don’t like being home.  I also, don’t have access to a babysitter, and as of right now I’m at home all day with my kids.  So I had to figure out how I was going to continue my daily life with three littles ones.  I refused to give up my freedom just because I have three kids.

The Right Baby Gear

 a lot of kids

How did I make it a smooth transition?  Well, for starters I equipped myself with the right baby gear.  This stroller was a game changer.  Not only because it was a double stroller, but it was stroller that I could change up depending on our needs for the day.  For instance, if my 5-year-old didn’t feel like walking, I could pop the baby in my baby carrier (baby wearing is a must !) and let her sit, while my 3-year-old sat in the front.  Or I could put Sugar Bee car seat  (which snaps right in, and works with most car seats) and let my toddler sit in front. Having the right baby gear helped me keep up my on-the-go life style.

Rules and Expectations

a lot of kids

I’ve mentioned my parenting style in this post.  Some people may not like to hear this, but when it comes to outings I’m a very strict parent. I’m all for gentle parenting, but I still teach my kids there is a time and place for certain behaviors.  And I let them know that when we are out and about, that is not the time to act up.  Sure, we have our days when they misbehave, but for the most part my kids know what type of behavior I expect from them.

No, I’m not mean, I just firmly lay out the rules before we leave the house.  I also tell them what we are going to do, and what the plans are for the day.  It cuts down on tantrums.

I also keep my children’s limits in mind. I try to make sure all of our outings happen before lunch time.  If we happen to be out past lunch time, I make sure to pack plenty of snacks and/or a lunch.  My 3-year-old also naps so I know around noon or 1 he may get a little cranky.

Keep Cool

My kids aren’t perfect, and neither am I.  We have our bad days, but I minimize the impact by just letting it be.  If we are having a tough day, I allow myself and my kids grace and start new the next day.  Actually, today was one of those days.  I won’t get into but, it was pretty intense grocery shopping with a cranky teething baby and a lost paci.

On days like that I try to keep cool and keep on moving.  Who cares if everyone is staring at me in the store while my baby throws a fit.  She’s a baby!  That’s what babies do.  And even though I maybe losing it on the inside I play it cool, because being upset will only make the situation worse.

Yes, I HaveYes, I Have

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