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Father’s Day Gift Ideas, That He Is Sure To Love

Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Is anyone else’s husband hard to shop for?  Mine is because he really isn’t into receiving gifts as much as he is into giving them.  He is a great gift giver and knows exactly what to get me for my birthday and Mother’s Day every year. So in order to return the favor I like getting him thoughtful gifts that he will love and find useful.

If you have a hard to shop for husband, here are some Father’s Day gift ideas that he is sure to love.

  1. Non-Toxic, Essential Oil Infused Body Wash and Shampoo 

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I had the honor of trying this AMAZING body was a few months ago. New Man Revolution is a veteran owned company that realized there is a need for non-toxic body care products for men.  Even though this is geared towards men, it is perfect for women too!  I love how the essential oil scent permeates the bathroom when showering.

The best deal is sign up for the subscription which ships every 2-3 months starting at $23.00.  That’s not bad, and it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Use my code HEALINGMAMA during checkout to get a percentage off of your purchase.  
2. Sprezza Box

There are so many monthly subscription services marketed toward us women, but not enough for men. This next subscription service is different because it is special box curated for your man.  My husband dropped some not so subtle hints that he was interested in Sprezza Box, so I ordered him one for Father’s Day.  This box is perfect for man who has a job that requires him to dress up, or a man who likes to try new products.

Each box normally has a value of over $200!  The box is only $28.00 a month and if you sign up for their newsletter you can get a percentage off!  USE MY CODE HEALINGMAMA to get 10% off of your first purchase.   I only paid $21.00 for my first box.

Here are some examples of their boxes.

A post shared by SprezzaBox (@sprezzabox) on

A post shared by SprezzaBox (@sprezzabox) on

A post shared by SprezzaBox (@sprezzabox) on

3. Amazon Prime Channel Add-Ons

We don’t have regular cable that includes premium channels.  We didn’t want to pay a hefty cable bill for channels that only had one show that we liked.  So instead we add channels on our Amazon Prime account. So for Father’s Day you can get your husband subscriptions to his favorite T.V. shows.  I’m not really a T.V. person but my husband has a few shows that he loves to watch:




4. Unique Accessories

I thought that these glasses and watches by Woodies Way were so unique!  If your husband collects watches or sunglasses I think these wooden accessories would be a great addition! Use discount code “Oaktree” to get $10 off of your first purchase.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

5. Music Streaming Service

Call us old fashion (please don’t judge), but we recently discovered what an AUX cord is and how to use it. Since we’ve made this discovery we have been into streaming music in the car.  My husband really loves it but hates the ads.  So I thought about getting him music streaming service through Amazon Music.  They have Tens of Millions of songs all ad free.  Try out the first 30 Days FREE for him and then after that if he likes it you can purchase it for him.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

                                               Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial
Father's Day Gift Ideas

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