Creating Independent Children : It Makes My Life Easier

Creating Independent Children: It Makes My Life Easier

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I’m a very independent person.  That could be because of how I was raised.  My parents gave me boundaries, but they also gave me a lot of freedom within those boundaries.  I think this helped me develop my independence.  I started doing the same things with my kids and noticed that they are pretty independent for their age.

One reason I like nurturing my kid’s independence is that it makes my life easier. I also believe it helps my children be more confident in themselves.  Some of my ideas have come from Teaching Montessori in the Home: Pre-School Years: The Pre-School Years.  I was happy to see that this book was filled with real life task that help children learn and develop.  Over time, I realized that creating independent children, made my life easier.  

Creating Independent Children: It Makes My Life Easier

Learning How To Dress Themselves

One thing that I do is help my children learn how to dress themselves.  My daughter naturally did this at a very early age, but my son needed a little help.  So we would practice putting on shirts, pants, socks, and shoes.  Is it perfect?  No.  Most of the time he has his undies on backwards and his socks on inside out.  But that is okay. It isn’t about perfection.

I make sure I make the clothes easily accessible to them.  Both of my kids have Sterilite Drawers (my son is a climber so we can’t have real dressers).  Each drawer is separated: Shirts in the top drawer, shorts or pants in the next drawer(depending on season), and pajamas in the last drawer.  And two cloth bins on top, one with socks and the other with undies.

This makes it easier for them to pick out their own clothes and get dressed. I’ve seen hanging closet bins where parents have dividers for each day of the week.

Help Clean

I’ve mentioned before how I have a visual chore chart for my kids.  Each child has their own task that needs be to completed before they are allowed to do fun activities.  This simplifies my life because now I don’t have to use my energy constantly telling them what to do and micro managing them.

More Self-Directed Activities

I used to be one of those parents that planned out my kid’s activities.  Even at home, I would plan crafts and activities because I felt like my kids should always be doing something.  Then I thought back to when I was a child and that is not how my parents did things.  They gave me plenty of time to play by myself and use my imagination. I also learned how to entertain myself and I had a great time!  I’m at a point now, where we may occasionally do a planned activity at home.  But most of the time, I make my children play by themselves.

Self Regulation

My post How To Create A Self-Regulation Corner for Kids (Feel Better Corner) is very helpful on how to help children know how to manage their emotions.  My kids absolutely adore their Feel Better Corner, and it has taught them how to recognize and deal with their emotions.  I highly recommend every parent get one if your child is struggling with understanding their feelings.

Tools to Help Foster Independence

In order for my kids to be independent, my home needs to be kid friendly.  A learning tower is a great tool for children.  It can help them reach counter tops and give them a sense of independence.  Of course, a good old stool is fine too.

There are also kid-friendly cooking utensils, that way children can help in the kitchen.  We also make sure to have snacks easily available for kids and easy lunches that they can fix themselves (like sandwiches or tuna lunch kits).


Creating independent children makes my life easier because it saves me time and energy.  I can use the extra time and energy on other activities with my kids, like games and outings.  Also, I noticed that my kids seem so much happier when they can be independent and express themselves.   These are a few tips that have worked for us What are some other ways you help your child develop independence?

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