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4 Reasons For You and Your Kids To Spend Time In Nature

Life has been kind of crazy lately.  I’m sure if your reading this, you will be able to relate.  Life is so fast, and these days it seems like I rarely slow down to enjoy the simple things.  I promised myself once things slowed down we would get back discovering new tranquil places.  That’s what I love to do with my kids.  We go on “adventures”  and look for new special spots to enjoy.  Most of our favorite places happen to be in nature.  The mountains, beach, and green lush fields have all been places that provide us with much peace.

I’ve found that when my family and I spend time in nature that our attitudes are better, my kids get along better, and we sleep better.  These are just a few benefits spending time in nature, and here are five more.

Increase in Vitality

Vitality is defined as “exuberant physical strength or mental vigor; capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence.  In the book  “Your Brain On Nature: The Science of Nature’s Influence on Your Health, Happiness, and Vitality”, Eva M. Selhub, MD and Alan C. Logan, ND.  Reported that people who spent time in nature had an increase in vitality. Source

I’m not sure about you, but this fact alone makes me want to go running through the woods right now.

Boost To Immune System

Plants release an airborne chemical called phytoncides.  This chemical helps protect plants against rotting, and it also benefits us, humans!

The Japenese practice “forest bathing”, and apparently it does wonders for them and their immune function.  It reduces stress, cortisol levels, and depression (all factors known to decrease immune function).  Source 


Usually, after we spend time in nature, we feel closer.  There is a sense of connectedness between me, my kids, and husband.  It probably has to do with the fact that we shared a calming and positive experience with each other.  We also get to create memories with each other.

Increased Creativity

I’m always inspired after spending time in nature.  I mean, who wouldn’t be.  Just being surrounded by God’s amazing creations is enough to leave me feeling inspired.  Hearing the sounds of nature in itself is inspiring.  Not to mention it also improves cognitive ability.



Ways To Incorporate Nature into Your Daily Life

One way to get more nature in your life is to explore your homes state parks.  We love to visit them and each one has it’s own special trait.  You can also turn your backyard into nature playground.  Go around the yard and show your child different plants, insects, and animals.  They will begin to grow an appreciation for nature.  Lastly, let your little one get dirty and get dirty with them!  Have fun!

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