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My Minimalist Approach To Birthdays

Pinterest started to reach popularity around the time I had my first child.  I was fascinated with all of the creative ideas and beautiful pictures.  So naturally, I went to Pinterest for ideas for my daughter’s first birthday.  I was bombarded with Doc McStuffins ideas (she loved Doc McStuffins).  “Okay I thought to myself, I need syringes for the juice.  Oh!  And let me make band-aid cookies for goodie bags.”   Pretty soon I was an overwhelmed mess, and we ended up having a small intimate gathering with no fuss or hassle.

After her party, I realized I wanted to keep birthday parties simple.  There were a few occasions were we ventured away from that, and the party experiences weren’t enjoyable. I knew there was a way that we could still celebrate, have fun, and take it easy.

My Minimalist Approach To Birthdays

Yummy Treats

The day of my kids birthday, we go to the store and my kids get to pick out cupcakes. They usually end up choosing ones with a cool designs or character on it.  After that, I pick up a pint of our favorite yummy frozen treat Arctic Zero.  Then we go home and enjoy!

Arctic Zero

We love Arctic Zero because it’s a frozen dessert that has the consistency of ice-cream but it’s gluten-free, GMO-free, and LACTOSE-free!  Most of the pints only contain around 300 calories! They come in a variety of flavors to fit every palette.   The best way to eat Arctic Zero is to let it sit out for 10-15 before eating.  That way you can enjoy the creamy texture and flavor.  Their new flavors include  Peanut Butter Swirl, Rocky Road Trip, Cherry Chocolate Chunk and Cake Batter Frozen Bar.  So far my favorites are Peanut Butter Swirl and Cake Batter Bars.  The kids love Rocky Road Trip.

I must admit that I also enjoy Arctic Zero when there isn’t a birthday celebration. However, that’s okay because it’s a guilt-free dessert!




One Gift

Leading up the child’s birthday, I usually question them about what they like at the moment. Or something they really want.  This year my son requested a Paw Patrol umbrella, and my daughter wanted a Moana Doll.  Since the baby can’t tell me what she wants, I just purchased her a few winter outfits.

One Adventure

For the adventure, I ask the kids where they would like to go, and if it is within reason we do it.  Sometimes they request that we go to a children’s museum, picnic in the park, or the beach.  We try to make it a fun day with lots of laughs.


I love creating traditions with my children.  It makes for good memories and something that they can continue into adulthood with they choose.  After all, that’s what celebrations are all about.


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