How We Survive Road Trips With No Electronics (With Three Kids)

I had no clue that I would marry a man in the military.  I also had no clue what traveling adventures would be in store for me and my soon-to-be family.  Military life has allowed us to travel.  Over the years I have developed tips and tricks to help make traveling easier with my kids (without using electronics). It was our goal to not let our kids rely on electronics to help us survive when we travel.

We wanted them to really enjoy the journey and soak up all of the awesomeness road trips have to offer. It takes a little preparation but once things are in place traveling with kids can be a breeze.  Before any road trip with children make sure to get your car seats checked. has a great video on car seat safety.

How We Survive Road Trips with No Electronics

Start Them, Young

All of my kids started traveling on the road in their first month of life.  The first few road trips with an infant can be draining.  You have to make more stops, pack more stuff, and be overly prepared.  However, once the first few road trips are out of the way, you can kind of sense what type of traveling works for your family.

Allow Sleep To Work For You

Usually, I don’t allow the kids to nap the day of the trip.  That way they can just nap in the car. If we can’t leave around their nap times, then we leave late at night or early morning. With both of these scenarios, the kids can sleep a good chunk of the trip.  I love doing this because it helps the kids get plenty of rest, and they are in good moods.

Pack A Few Toys

On our first road trip, I made the mistake of packing A LOT of toys.  It resulted in a messy car, and my daughter didn’t even play with most of the toys packed.  Now, I let the kids pack one or two of their favorite toys to play with.  Pinterest also has a ton of fun car activities for children to do.

Allow Enough Time to Stop Frequently

As the children get older our stops become less and less. However, when they are younger it’s good to stop and allow them to stretch their bodies and legs.  I also take walks with my kids at rest stops to help them get their energy out.


Do you have any tips or tricks to make traveling with kids easier?

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