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Cancer Free Living – Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

Cancer Free Living

Imagine being told that you have stage-4 cancer and don’t have much longer to live. It seems like a hopeless situation for most who receive this news. That was the reality for Peggy Sue Roberts. Her doctor could no longer give her treatment after not responding well to chemotherapy.

Luckily, for Peggy Sue, her husband Jim wasn’t ready to give up. He realized: if conventional treatments aren’t an option, then alternatives are the only way to go. He found a place that’s able to use natural cancer treatments to help treat Peggy Sue’s stage 4 cancer. After getting her alternative cancer therapies Peggy Sue’s cancer was below the detectable level. She has now been a cancer survivor for almost 11 years!

Finding the best treatment for cancer can seem like a daunting task, especially when you are not knowledgeable about all of your treatment options. There are other ways to treat cancer besides Chemotherapy. These treatments don’t involve toxic chemicals. Cancer Free Living can help make finding alternative cancer treatments a lot easier. If you, friend or family is interested in finding more about Cancer Free Living please visit their website and fill out a form to request more information.

Cancer Free Living & Alternative Options

It is brave of Peggy Sue to share her story because so many people are unaware that they have other treatment options besides chemotherapy. Natural cancer treatments are different from conventional methods of treatments. They get to the root cause of why patients have cancer. 2 out of 3 people responded very well to their treatments in just 3 weeks, and extensive testing is used for the other 1 out of 3 that don’t respond well to the treatments. This is hopeful data!

Cancer Free Living

I wish I had known about Cancer Free Living years ago when a few of my loved ones were battling cancer. I appreciate their cause and love that they are making this information known to the public. Again, please visit Cancer Free Living to find out more information and fill out the contact form.

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Cancer Free Living

6 thoughts on “Cancer Free Living – Cancer Survivor Shares Her Story

  1. I wish I had known about this myself too. Both of my parents died from Cancer, my mom just 2 years ago and it still hurts. Cancer has taken more of my family and friends than any other disease. Will have to share this with them.

  2. I love this!! I always tell people about the many alternative methods of treatment available to them… they can always be combined with conventional therapies… but sadly, not everyone is open to trying them. I’m a total believer though!

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