My Must Haves For Messy Mom Moments #WalmartBaby



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I’ll never forget my first big outing with all three of my kids.  My third child was only a few months old, and my son was newly potty trained.  We were going to the circus and it was sure to be a fun adventure.  That was until…all three of my kids needed to poop at the same time!  I sat in the parking lot stunned because I didn’t know what to do.  The circus wasn’t open yet, and there was nowhere to take the kids.

Luckily, my oldest was able to hold it until the circus opened, but my newborn and toddler needed to be changed in the car.  It was a situation that could have gotten messy if I wasn’t prepared.  Ever since that situation happened I always make sure I’m prepared. Here are my must-haves for messy mom moments.

My Must Haves For Messy Mom Moments

parent's choice #WalmartBaby

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags made especially for dirty diapers are a must!  They are small enough to fit into any diaper bag and make disposing of dirty diapers easy!  They usually come scented, which I love!

Parent’s Choice Diapers and Wipes

The incident at the circus wasn’t the only time I’ve been caught in a messy situation.  I think when you become a mom, messy situations are never-ending.  That is why I always make sure to have my diaper bag packed with Parent’s Choice diapers, which can be found at Walmart.  Parent’s Choice diapers are cost-effective and super absorbent.  All of my kids have sensitive skin so the Fresh Scent wipes are perfect for their skin.  They are made with 99% water plus plant-based material.  

Parent’s Choice also has a wide-range of other products (with over 275 products) to help you with all of your parenting needs.

Parent’s Choice #WalmartBaby

Parent’s Choice #WalmartBaby

Parent’s Choice #WalmartBaby

Hand Sanitizer or Sanitizing Wipes

Need I say more about why these items are a must for messy situations?  LOL.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

When I first discovered disposable toilet seat covers I was so happy.  Bathroom trips didn’t have to be so tense because I knew I had my own covers to protect my kid’s bottoms.  I love how disposable toilet seat covers have sticky tabs on them so they can’t fall off the toilet.  Also, they tend to be bigger than the covers in the bathroom.

Portable Potty

I haven’t purchased this particular item yet, but it is on my list.  After a few car trips alone with my kids, I absolutely need this!  There are times when there is no place to stop or they need to go immediately.  Most portable potties are easy to clean and convenient.



Parent’s Choice #WalmartBaby





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  1. I have to be honest here and say that I’ve never used any other diapers besides the Pampers brand and when it comes to wipes, I have used a few brands but always come back to Pampers sensitive wipes. I’ve heard great things about the Walmart brand though, but since I’ve never used it myself, I can’t really say. They sure do save money though. BTW as for those essentials, I have to agree with you.

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