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Giving Your Children Emotional Tools(Emotional Tool Box)

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Giving children emotional tools helps empower them and helps them maintain healthy relationships.   These emotional tools can go with them into adulthood, where they are needed most.  It will also help them avoid situations like the one below. There are so many amazing resources on how to do this.

Have you ever encountered a bully?  Or have you ever been on the receiving end of emotional abuse?  It has happened to me when I was in college with a roommate.  I came home from class one night, to find my stuff scattered about the room.  I had no idea why my clothing was on the floor.  When I approached my roommate about it, she ignored me and walked away.  I let her cool down for a day, then I asked her again.  She said that she was upset that I started hanging out with another friend.

My roommate was upset, but she was not armed with the tools necessary to deal with her emotions and me.  Therefore, instead of talking to me, she acted out and threw my belongings around our room.  If you have ever been in a situation like this, chances are that the person inflicting the pain was not equipped with the emotional tools needed to have healthy relationships. My belief is that emotional intelligence is just as important as any other intelligence.  However, it seems to be neglected aspect of education.


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Giving Your Children Emotional Tools

Children Emotional Tools

It isn’t very hard giving your children emotional tools they need to be successful.  In fact, it can be very fun to learn about emotions and how to deal with them.  I have created an emotional toolbox for parents to their emotional intelligence resources.

This emotional toolbox contains emotion card that can be used in different ways.  I have listed games and activities that you can use the cards for.    It is a free resource for parents and educators.

Children Emotional Tools

Download HereEmotional Tool Box

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  1. This is such a great idea. My 13yr old has encountered some bullies since he’s autistic, but we’ve taught him how to deal with them. I also did a post a few years ago on how to teach your kids to handle bullies. However, I love this toolkit. I may download it for my youngest who may encounter bullies later in life as well.

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