How To Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side

For a mother, kindness and self-sacrifice are often a way of life. We’ll give it all for our families, happy to do anything and everything we feel they might need to be happy. We’ll push ourselves, we’ll learn to be strong and sturdy, determined and always ready to act in our child’s best interest. A mom is almost like a superhero at times, there to inspire and delight, to kiss a bruise, to sing a lullaby, to hug. You feel like a mother at all times, but darling, when was the last time you’ve felt like a woman?

With all the work, stress, and rush, we’re never able to do the simple things, like go on a date with our partner, or wear a cute dress. “There will be time later,” we say to ourselves, guilty for even thinking about silly things like fashion when there’s work to be done. But fashion is a gateway to their inner femininity for a lot of women, and we think it’s quite important to let yourself indulge in it.

To help you out, we’ve got some cute outfit suggestions that will make you feel like a gorgeous queen yet again.

The magic combo

The secret to success? Dress plus lipstick. That’s it. Short on time? Put on a long dress and slap some bright lipstick on and you’ll instantly look like you’ve put in a ton of effort into your look. Wrap dresses are perfect for this because they enhance your waist and give you an hourglass figure, and they work for pretty much any body shape. Put on a red lipstick and you’ll look like a damn diva in under five minutes.

Boots for some sexy edginess


Over-the-knee leather boots are feminine in that deliciously sultry manner that will just make you want to sway your hips as you walk. Wear them with a skirt and a delicate sheer blouse over a solid-color undershirt and you’ll be giving off that subtle sexy vibe that’s totally appropriate, yet still pretty smokin’ hot.

A pretty blazer to dress up anything

When we become moms, a lot of our outfits become black and grey simply because those colors are practical. But here’s a great idea: get a pink blazer. Get something in that delicate powder pink, or maybe a bright hot pink, and just slip it on over those drab, practical outfits to bring a dose of liveliness to it. Pin a rose brooch to it and you’ll amp up the feminine feel even more.

Floral coats and wide belts

A great way to look stylish every day is to have a good coat. After all, this is the part of the outfit everyone will be seeing when you go out, so make sure you get a coat that you absolutely adore and can’t wait to wear. We recommend something long, with a floral print in muted colors, something that’s made of quality wool and fits you like a glove. Grab a wide belt to cinch it at the waist and you’ll be breathtaking every time you walk down the street.

Grandiose dress for the goddess

Each lady deserves to have at least one stunning, jaw-dropping outfit. A dress is a powerful weapon in woman’s hands, it’s something that gives her a way to bring out her inner sex appeal, that makes everyone’s head turn. Ladies, you need to find yourself something that will take your breath away when you see it. Why not sit back, browse some designer dresses online from the comfort of your own home, and reward yourself with a garment that brings out that inner goddess, that reminds you just how beautiful you can look? Trust us, you’ve earned this.

Cashmere for the sophisticated dame

When you want something to make you feel pretty, turn to cashmere. Turn to that lush, supple fabric that feels so smooth and soft underneath your fingertips, that feels downright decadent as you put it on. And hey, cashmere sweaters go great with both skirts and pants, so they’re pretty versatile.

Soft lace for a touch of delicate

Few things are as feminine as lace, and owning a few garments with subtle lace details can help bring the romantic, dainty feel to your outfit. A simple blouse with a lace collar or a dress with lace paneling is a great way to look delicate, sexy, and perfectly pretty.


Here’s the thing: an unhappy mom means an unhappy home. We encourage you to enjoy fashion, to get in touch with your feminine side, to simply leave room for your own interests and put yourself first occasionally. After all, these little indulgences will make you happier, and in turn, make you do a better job as a mom.


Guest Post By Sophia Smith

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