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Realistic Businesses For Stay-At-Home Moms To Start (Be a Mom Boss)

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Even though I believe that being a stay-at-home is a job, I really enjoy making my own money.  Earning an income helps me feel confident and I also like contributing financially to my household.  The issue is that there aren’t a lot of jobs that are “stay-at-home mom” friendly.   Therefore, it is up to us moms to create our own way. Here is my list of realistic businesses for stay-at-home moms.

Realistic Businesses For Stay-At-Home Moms To Start

Businesses For Stay-At-Home Moms

The most important thing about having your own business/side hustle as a mom is that it must work with YOUR LIFE!  This is an important thing to factor in when choosing what business you want to start.  Another thing to consider is your gifts and talents.  I’ll be honest in saying that I’m not particularly good at any one thing.  I know a little about a lot of things.  Nothing to really help me stand out.  However, that doesn’t deter me from pursuing that I want to do.  When I don’t know a lot about a topic I study.  Now, if you are the opposite of me and do have a gift or talent, I suggest you create a business around that.

Sometimes, it can be hard knowing what to do, but with a little self-reflection and feedback from others, I guarantee that you can find a business that fits you.  I personally believe with prayer God can begin to help you see which path you should take.

In my time as a stay-at-home mom. I have been a nanny, freelance writer, blogger, tutor and goat sitter (yes, a goat sitter).  All of these are realistic businesses for stay-at-home moms because they can be easily incorporated into our lives.



If you are great a subject or topic consider becoming a tutor.  You can advertise in local mom groups.  Simply put together fliers and brochures to detail your services.  Pass them out at local group meetings, or libraries.  You can also create a website for customers to find you easily.


I was also a babysitter/Nanny at a few of our duty stations.   It was a great way to make an extra income.  I created a profile on and this helped me get clients.  The best part is you can feel safe about posting and getting customers. works very hard to make the user experience on both ends very pleasant.

Food Service/Baking/Meal Planning

Businesses For Stay-At-Home Moms

One of my mom friends recently started a business where she runs a freezer meal prepping service. She does all of the shopping for the ingredients and then gets a group of 8-10 women together and they make freezer meals.  Now, this doesn’t have to be the route that you go. If you love to bake, then you can bake for people and events.


Wash and Fold Laundry Service

Businesses For Stay-At-Home Moms

My husband actually gave me this idea and I think it’s great!  There are plenty of families out there that are too busy to wash and fold their clothes in a timely manner.  Having a wash-and-fold service out of your home is a great way to make extra income.  You must calculate the cost of water, detergent and then add how much you want to charge for your labor.


I’m not an organized person, so I would hire someone to organize my home for me.  If you have a knack for being organized, think about outsourcing your services.  You can help people develop organization systems for their home that will help them run more efficiently.

A Different Type of List

This list is just a glimpse of a few realistic businesses for stay-at-home moms.  I purposely didn’t list any online work because there are a ton of resources for that. I wanted to list unconventional businesses and ones that really help stay-at-home moms use their gifts and talents.

Businesses For Stay-At-Home Moms


2 thoughts on “Realistic Businesses For Stay-At-Home Moms To Start (Be a Mom Boss)

  1. Those are all great ideas. I’m however interested in learning more about your goat-sitting job. There are also a few other jobs that you can do online such as customer service related jobs. I love being at home, but I also love being my own boss more. Here’s to an amazing week!

    1. Hahaha! Yes, while we were stationed in Utah I started working as a nanny for this family. Well, I had to care for their baby goat as well! He wore a diaper and drank from a bottle. He was so cute.

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