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15 Random Acts Of Kindness To Do For Your Gal Pals (FREE Printable Card)

The beginning of January was tough for a few of my girlfriends.  In the span a week I tried my best to be there for my friends as they faced very troubling and traumatic life events.  Since we live far apart the best I could do at the time was lend a listening ear and offer words of encouragement.  When I would get off of the phone with them, I felt so frustrated because I wish I could have done more for them.

Since February 17th is Random Acts Of Kindness, I thought that it would be appropriate to provide a list of things to do for our gal pals.

15 Random Acts Of Kindness To Do For Your Gal Pals

  1. Text them every morning for a week to tell them to have a good day
  2. Send them flowers
  3. Make them a diy manicure set
  4. Treat them to a dessert
  5. Watch their kids for a few hours so they can run errands or get alone time
  6. Take them a freezer meal
  7. Chauffer them around for a day (sometimes it’s fun to be the passenger)
  8. Buy them a cup of coffee
  9. Put together a mom basket (includes their favorite items)
  10. Tell your friend she is beautiful
  11. Support their side hustle (if they sell something buy it, if they write something read it).
  12. Tell them how grateful you are to have them as a friend.
  13. Help her clean her house or do it by yourself
  14. Send her funny meme’s to help her laugh
  15. Send her a thoughtful handwrite note in a card (Printable Below)

Bonus: Plan a girls trip!

The best part of having gal pals is realizing that we are never alone in our journey.  It can be hard to keep these relationships intact as we get older, move away and have kids. However, maintaining our relationships with our friends is well worth it, no matter how difficult it can be.

Click Image To Download

Just fold and the card is ready to use!

15 Random Acts Of Kindness To Do For Your Gal Pals

2 thoughts on “15 Random Acts Of Kindness To Do For Your Gal Pals (FREE Printable Card)

  1. I love this post and since I consider you one of my dearest friends, I need to step up my game. Sometimes just a simple text saying “I’m thinking of you, have an amazing day” may just be what they needed to get them through the day. Here’s to an amazing rest of the week my friend.

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