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Hmmm…I’ll start my story when I met my husband in the July of 2010.  It was a whirlwind romance and things moved very quickly for us.  Shortly after meeting, my husband got stationed across the country in Utah, while I stayed back in my home state Ohio.

I stayed back because I was a new home owner and a career woman.  Shortly after his move, we discovered I was pregnant with our first child Honey Bee (my four-year-old daughter).  I continued to work and we maintained a long distance relationship.  In May of 2011, we married in a small intimate informal setting.  Our family watched as we took our vows and began our lives as newly weds.  Boy, oh boy I wasn’t prepared for all of the challenges that marriage had in store for us.    Our daughter was born a few months after we wed, via c-section (which was not a fun experience for me).  

I got laid off from my job in the middle of all of this.  So me and Honey Bee finally packed up and moved to Utah.  That’s where I began my journey as a stay at home mom.  After living in Utah for a few years we got PCS’d to the Chicagoland area (where we currently live).  It was during that move that I discovered I was pregnant with our son Bumble Bee.  We were overjoyed to be adding to our family.

With him, I was determined to have a VBAC (which I achieved with the help of my doula).  I thought having a VBAC would heal all of the wounds left from my c-section, however, it didn’t.  I dealt with a whole new set of issues that presented themselves as postpartum anxiety and depression.  As a way to cope with my depression, I started this blog and named it Healing Mama Remedies.  I wanted to connect with other moms who were struggling in motherhood.  I also wrote for therapeutic purposes.  My goal was to heal my mental struggles, health, body, and mind. During my healing journey, I discovered that I love heavy lifting.  Who knew, that I would love lifting weights?  However, it’s more than that to me, I really feel heavy lifting made me a better mother.

A few months after starting my heavy lifting journey I found out I was pregnant with our unexpected blessing Sugar Bee.    I was shocked at first,  but I’m so excited for our new arrival. I will be detailing my new life as a mommy of three!

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