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How To Start A Blog in Ten Minutes (1)

If you are here you are thinking about starting a blog.  Or you’ve already started a blog and want to make the switch to WordPress.Org.  I’m going to take all of the “scariness” out of the process for you.

I started my blogging journey over at Blogger.  Blogger was a great starter platform, but soon my needs outgrew blogger and I needed something BIGGER and BETTER.  I searched the internet high and low on how to successfully make the switch from Blogger to Every post made the process seem so SCARY!!! I’m not tech savvy or anything and I was able to make the switch successfully.

Here are my tips!


(This is if you are moving from Blogger to Go to your dashboard >Settings>Other >Click Blog Tools >Export Blog download the file. If not continue to step one.

    1. Purchase Domain Name and Hosting Package. Go  Blue Host and purchase your domain and hosting package. Your domain name is the name of your website, your hosting package is where you will host your website. I choose Blue Host because they were the most affordable and user-friendly. Not to mention they have an awesome support team to help you with any questions.  Luckily, I didn’t need that because they made everything so easy.

Right now Blue Host is offering unlimited web hosting for $3.95 per month!  

2. NOT You want to make sure you Host your site through (not has more capabilities, and will make it easier to monetize your blog.  I didn’t know that when I first started.

3. If you are importing from Blogger (if not go to step 4). Once you go through the set up process with Blue host and You’ll come to your dashboard and go to Tools>Import>Wordpress.  You first must install the WordPress Importer Plugin. Once you install it, activate and run the importer plug-in. It will take you to a screen where you will be asked to upload your XML file.  Then you will click your file and import it into  The great thing is that you won’t lose any comments.  All of your pictures will be transferred as well(just make sure you click the option of “importing old attachments”). So don’t worry about losing anything

4. Redirect traffic from old blog to new blog. Also in order to redirect your Blogger site to your new WordPress site, use “Blogger to WordPress” plug-in.  Now when anyone visits your old blog they will be automatically transferred to your new blog.

5. Get blog theme.  WordPress.Org offers a variety of themes.  However, if you want something more unique you can get a theme from Elegant Themes.  Not only are the themes less then a $1 each, they also have plug-ins.  Please check them out, I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Now let’s get to the good part.  Here is how you make the money!

Easy Ways To Make Money $$$ (1)

Linqia – If you have 1,000+ followers on all of your social media accounts combined, Linqia is perfect for you.  They match Brands and Campaigns to bloggers.  You get paid through these campaigns!  It’s that simple. You can sign up here.

Izea – Izea is great because advertiser’s create opportunities, and us (the influencers’) bid on each opportunities.  If your bid is accepted you get paid for the content you create.  The opportunities range from tweets to blog post.  Check it out, it’s a great program.

Reebok Affiliate Program –  Once you set up your blog you can earn $5 for each friend who joins the Reebok Affiliate Program.  Plus 10% commission on each person who uses your referral link.  Just follow this link to get approved for the program first.  

**More will be added soon.

“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”