Seasons Of Loneliness In Motherhood

seasons of loneliness in motherhood

Here I go again talking about a heavy subject.  I swear I don’t write these post to bring people down, I write them to help lift other’s up.  It’s not always easy for me to address these topics.  Especially this one because it’s something that I’m experiencing right now.   However, my goal is to be as vulnerable as possible and work through this.  Perhaps, along the way I can encourage and inspire other mothers who are going through the same thing.

What Loneliness Is To Me

For me loneliness is a longing to connect to something that is bigger than me.  There are days when I arise and I feel a deep void in my spirit.  It feels like a bottomless pit of nothingness.  I’ll shop or seek company with others and still feel that deep void.

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VBAC Stories: After Birth Pains The Night I Almost Died By Melissa Hertz


VBAC Stories

Today I’m starting a new series called VBAC Stories. During this series women from around the world will share their VBAC experiences.  My hope with this series is to inspire, motive and give those who have had or trying to have a VBAC hope. If you have a VBAC story you would like to share please email me at  

If you don’t know what a VBAC is check out my post How to Have A Successful VBAC.  And read how I was able to have a successful VBAC here and here.  

If you are a mother then you know that giving birth is such an unpredictable experience. You never know what could possibly happen, and the uncertainty of it all can be very scary.  However, our first guest poster Melissa Hertz shows that no matter the circumstances if you have hope and faith anything is possible.  Even when the odds are stacked against you.  Please continue to read this amazing women’s story.  I also want to say thank you to Melissa for sharing her story.

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Make Cleaning Your Ministry +Devotionals for Moms Who Despise Cleaning



Make Cleaning Your Ministry +Devotionals for Moms Who Despise Cleaning


Hello my name is Healing Mama and I don’t like to clean.  You could probably tell by this post and this post that cleaning is not my strong point as a stay-at-home mom.  Not only did I struggle with being neat before getting married and having kids, but I just so happened to marry a messy person.

Being tidy is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life.  I’m not sure why it’s been a struggle but it has.  However, ever since having kids I’ve gotten a lot better about keeping the house tidy. Now my only issue is getting my family on board to do the same!

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My Week In Pictures + New Duty Station?


I would be lying if I said that I was in good spirits right now.  You can probably tell that I’m kind of in a funk based off of my Mommy Mental Health Checklist.  After visiting back home and spending time with my best girlfriends, I did feel a sense of renewal.  But as soon as we stepped foot in our home, my mood quickly change.  All of the depression, anger and sadness came rushing back in.

After a few days of being of upset, I had to sit myself down and ask myself why I was feeling this way.  It wasn’t my kids, it wasn’t my husband, and it wasn’t my home.  I pondered some more and came to the conclusion it was unrealistic expectations I placed on myself.  I was starting to get frustrated because no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t keep my house clean the way I wanted and laundry was a never ending battle.  I was driving myself insane trying to keep up with it all.

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Fun Summer Dollar Tree DIY Foot Spa + 3 Easy DIY’s

dollar tree diy foot spa

Hello everyone!  I’m back with another DIY.  This one was really fun to do.  Lately, I’ve been into pedicures.  It’s my way of treating myself and relaxing.  I don’t get to go to the nail salon to get pedicures often, so I created a cute little foot spa to help me keep up maintenance in between visits.   The best part of this DIY is that everything came from Dollar Tree and was only $10! You all know I love Dollar Tree and a deal.  I also love doing DIY’s, so this project was perfect for me!

This spa set is great to create for yourself or special occasions like baby showers, bridal showers, or a girls night in.  My DIY $5 Lavender Salve would be a great addition this spa set. I hope you enjoy this fun summer Dollar Tree DIY foot spa! 

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Mommy Mental Health Checklist


mommy mental health

I’m very excited for this weekend.  I get to visit back home and spend time with some of my best friends.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had girl time and my mind, body and spirit need it.  I can tell that I’m running on a short fuse. It could be that I’m approaching the last three months of pregnancy, the endless to-do list of things I need to get done before the baby arrives or lack of alone time.  Honestly, it’s probably a combination of them all.

I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety my whole life.  It got really bad after I had my son.  Ever since I’ve been very adamant about keeping my mental health in check.  Not only am I doing it for myself, but I’m also doing it for my children.  When I’m feeling depression/anxious it definitely affects our quality of life.

I’m very familiar with what it’s like having a depressed parent.  My mother also struggled with depression, and it was very difficult growing up when she was going through a bout of depression.  I don’t want my kids going through that experience.

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A Great Way To Give Back

giving assistant

When I was in college I worked at an after school program, and during the weekends I volunteered to put together food boxes for the children’s families I tutored for.  It was such a humbling experience seeing how much those food boxes bought relief and joy to families. Ever since then I have been a big believer in giving to those in need.

This post is sponsored by Giving Assistant but all opinions are my own.  It also contains affiliate links.  That means if you click on the links and sign up I earn money.  

That is why is it an honor to work with

“Giving Assistant mission is to transform everyday shopping into charitable actions, by being the best loyalty program for saving more & supporting charity, with ease”.

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The Honest Truth About Making Money As A New Mommy Blogger

Blogging (1)



May marks the 6 month anniversary of my blog.  When I started my blogging journey I really just wanted a place that was my own.  I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts and connect with other women in the same stage of life as me.  I blogged about my struggle with postpartum depression and the ups and downs as a mom.  Overtime I began to build relationships with other mom bloggers and we formed a bond.  It meant a lot to me.  As I started reading more and more about blogging I also found that it could be a great source of income as well.





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Save Money On Your Shopping Budget With Groupon Coupon

groupon coupon

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I’m all about the budget friendly life.  I’ve detailed my experience on how living a frugal life style helped us live on one income.  In this post I also gave tips on how to eat healthy on a budget.  And today I will be telling you another way to save on your shopping budget.

I’m a regular user of Groupon, I’ve found a lot budget friendly activities for my children using Groupon.  It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that they also have online coupons!  I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear about this.  Before purchasing an item it’s always a good idea to search Groupon Coupon.  They offer coupons for the most popular retailers.  

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