Creating The Perfect Visual Birth Plan

visual birth plan

I briefly mentioned my birth plan in my Experience with a Doula post.  However, I never went into much detail because me and Jessica never got a chance to meet again to finalize it. Luckily for me she was my walking birth plan, certain aspects of my VBAC with Bumble Bee went the way I wanted thanks to Jessica.

This time I won’t have a doula, so I really feel I need a birth plan in place.  I do understand that everything may not go the way I plan, but I would like the hospital staff to know what some of my wishes are.

Since I’m a fairly simple and visual person, I thought creating a visual birth plan would be great for me.  It’s easy to read and it was pretty quick to create.  In today’s post I will go over what aspects make a good visual birth plan and how to create one.

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Delicious and Healthy Blueberry Muffins – Silver Fern


silver fern

**The post is sponsored by Silver Fern™ Brands.  I was compensated for this post, but all opinions and thoughts are my own**

I’ve been having so much fun in the kitchen lately.  I’ve been baking Honey Bee and Bumble Bee homemade blueberry muffins this summer.  They love them, and I love that they love them!  My version of these little breakfast treats isn’t the healthiest.  That’s why I was so excited when I got the chance to try Silver Fern™ Brand blueberry muffin mix!  What’s makes these muffins different from any other you ask?

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The One Thing That Will Make You a Successful Mom Blogger



Sometimes I feel really awkward writing about blogging tips.  I mean, I’m a small fish in the blogging world, so who am I to give advice right?  But I really feel it’s great to get advice from someone (like me) who is right smack in the middle of a blogging journey.  I gave a 6 month blogging update on how the money making aspect of my blogging career is going.  Since then things have still be on a steady rise, and I’m so grateful for all of the doors blogging has opened.  However,  I couldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for one thing (I’m going to share what it is in a minute).

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Traveling As A Military Family

Military Life (1)

This post was sponsored by Fresh Press Media on behalf of Extended Stay America Hotels.  I was compensated for this post in exchange for my review.  All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.  

It is PCSing season!  While, some people hate it, I actually love it!  Okay maybe I don’t enjoy the packing up all of our belongings and unpacking, but I love the traveling aspect!  We aren’t PCSing as I speak however, there is a chance that it could still happen very soon.  I’m not a veteran military spouse and I’ve only PCS’d one time, and that is when we made our move from Utah to Chicagoland.  Luckily, the military made the process less stressful.

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VBAC Stories : “Till This Day I’m Still In Awe”

VBAC Stories (3)
I hope everyone is enjoying this VBAC Stories Series.  With each story I feel more and more encouraged about my upcoming VBAC.  Slowly all self doubt is disappearing as I read each of these amazing women’s stories.  
My next contributor really sums up the feeling of what it’s like to have a VBAC. When you have a VBAC it makes you feel “not broken” anymore.  All of the things that doctor’s told you were impossible become possible.  You feel strong, and so grateful for the opportunity to experience a vaginal delivery.  However, I will let Sherry-Ann explain it better than me.  Also thank you Sherry-Ann for sharing your inspirational story.  
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Why You Should Stay Away From Google If You Are Pregnant


Pregnancy (8)

Last week I had my 31 week prenatal check up.  I anxiously awaited as me and my littles sat in the room waiting for my doctor’s arrival. I had a hard time getting Bumble Bee and Honey Bee to sit down.  I’ve mentioned before how I hate going to the doctors with my kids.  But that’s besides the point.  I started to bribe them with treats, if they would just sit down and were good for mommy.  As I bribed them the the nurse walks in.  She does the usual, and checks my blood pressure, Fuzzy Bee’s heart beat, and measures my stomach.  We make small talk when she cuts me off and says “at your last appointment were you measuring big”?  I sat up clumsily, because you know…I have this big belly and all.  “I don’t know, they didn’t tell me”, I responded confused.  “Why is everything okay”? She shakes her head yes, and says “you are measuring 4 weeks ahead, but I suck at measuring so the doctor will probably do it again”.  Then she walks out.

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Being A Stay At Home Mom Is Not A Death Sentence For Your Dreams and Goals

being stay at home mom

When I first met my husband becoming a stay at home mom NEVER crossed my mind.  My plan was to go back to work after I had Honey Bee and continue to pursue my “career”.  I put career in quotes because my job at the time was just that, a  job. It wasn’t something that I saw myself doing for the rest of my life.  I was a financial planner for a college in Ohio.  I graduated with a degree in Psychology, so I wasn’t even working in my field.

Though I wasn’t passionate about my job as a Financial Planner, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do.  All I know is I wanted to work with people and help better the community.

Shortly after becoming pregnant I got laid off from my job.  In all honesty I felt a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders.  My job was very stressful and I was constantly in fear of my job status. It seemed everyday somebody was getting laid off.  My lay off lead to me being a stay at home mom and the rest is history.

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Gerber Lil’Beanies: Perfect For Busy Families

gerber lil beanies


Lately, I’ve been trying to enjoy as much time with Honey Bee and Bumble Bee before the baby arrives.  Not to mention that we might PCSing soon, so I also wanted to explore Chicago and take advantage of all it has to offer before we leave.

Recently we visited the Chicago Museum and Science and Industry and it was a blast!  Of course being on the go with two kids I needed to make sure I had healthy snacks on hand.

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VBAC Stories : A Hospital VBAC Without Fear

vbac without fear


Our next VBAC story comes from a amazing mother who wasn’t afraid to take charge during her hospital birth.  Her story demonstrates that by listening to  your instincts you can gain confidence in your natural abilities.  I would like to thank Alexandra for sharing her story with us.  It is sure to encourage many women on their VBAC journey’s.  You can find Alexandra at her Etsy shop Nimalab where she sells “handmade crocheted goodies for the whole family”.  

Be sure to check out the first story VBAC Stories: After Birth Pains The Night I Almost Died By Melissa Hertz

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